10 Reasons To Start Kayaking

Kayaking (paddles on both sides) or canoeing (paddle on one side), everyone knows it not everyone has ever stepped into the boat. And why not? Perhaps it is the fear of turning, the muscle pain in the arms the next day, the limited freedom of movement or the slow speed. Whatever the reason, they are all unfounded. As far as we are concerned, silent sailing in the middle of nature is reason enough to opt for this outdoor activity immediately. Still not convinced? Then we give you a few compelling arguments to go out on the water and paddle endlessly.

Pure Adrenaline

Boats, nature, currents are like skis and deep powder snow, a dynamic mix of sensation. Start in a quiet little water and end up on a wild water river in the Grand Canyon. The only limit is how far you want to go.

Relive History

Water has been the medium for the explorer throughout the centuries. Columbus, Willem Barentz, Abel Tasman faced adventures through the unknown waterways. Follow in their footsteps and feel what they felt, slowly navigating through unknown terrain.

Be One With Fauna

Water is abundant in life. Birds, fish, beavers, you meet them all. What could be better than to experience this up close to the natural habitat? Kayaking makes this possible. Silently gliding through the water, looking at everything from close-up.

Easy For The Body

At a certain point in your life, you reach an age that backpacking is physically more of a burden than lust. The smooth, joint relieving movements that accompany paddling prevent physical complaints. Well, maybe a muscle pecker now and then.

Nice For All Ages

Going out with the youngest of the family often requires the necessary attention and adjustments. Now you can wait until they are old enough to go on their own independently. Provide them with a floating vest, put them in the boat and Kees is ready. And the parents they get more space to give substance to their adventurous desires. And before you know it, the children are just as addicted!

Sneaky Fish

You can, of course, wade through huge reed collars or open your elbows on blackberry bushes to find the best fishing spot. You can also step into the boat and go there where fish go.

Only On The World

The Netherlands, one of the world’s most densely populated countries. Count quiet spots on two hands. But for those who are looking for these places, the kayak is a godsend. The Netherlands has plenty of stills, and with a trip with a kayak, these have been found. Sail into a river or canal and let yourself be immersed in the silence that nature offers. Very briefly on the world!

Comfort Within Reach

Who said something about abandon? The kayak offers an incredible amount of space so that a lot of things can be brought along. From bbq to the comfortable sleeping mat and from cool box to deck chair. Everything is possible! Don’t abandon adventurers? Did not think so.

The Way To Discover

Water-rich areas, such as National Nature Park are the way to explore the area. Not with the car, not with the bike and not even walking. With the kayak or canoe, you come to so many more places.

Infinite Choice

The spectrum of kayak options is so enormous that there is a suitable sailing trip for everyone. Misty lakes in the early morning, a light babbling creek, wild water, ocean surf or a city moat. Grab your kayak, choose a spot and go.

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