10 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur and not an employee

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Being an entrepreneur implies assuming all kinds of responsibilities and commitments. Maybe as an entrepreneur you have to work more than any other person in your business, at first the income may make you think again and again to give up, you may have to do a thousand things at a time if you want to see your business prosper… then Why start?

Entrepreneurship is not about money or security… Entrepreneurship is about freedom, passion and dreams.

We have prepared this video with 10 reasons why it is worthwhile to be an entrepreneur. Share it with your friends so that they understand why you decided to be an entrepreneur instead of going after the apparent security and comfort of a job 🙂

Why be an entrepreneur?

  1. Dedicate yourself to what you really love. Life is too short to have the wrong job. If you feel dissatisfied with what you are doing today, surely your heart is making you an invitation to undertake. Choose a job that you like and you will never have to “work” in life.
  2. Freedom. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for you to be your own boss and own your time, then you will be the one who makes the important decisions in your life.
  3. Financial independence. When you are an entrepreneur, it means that your salary no longer depends on your boss, but on yourself. The more you try, the better your results and your income will be.
  4. Work for your dreams and not for someone else’s. At the end of the day, one of the greatest satisfactions of an entrepreneur is knowing that he is working for his own dreams, ideas and goals. Your time is limited; do not despise living the life of another person.
  5. Generate employment. Through your business you can create opportunities for other people and generate a positive impact on the economic development of your region.
  6. Create value. A business is an opportunity to make other people’s lives better. Entrepreneurship is about creating value, solving problems, satisfying needs and positively transforming our environment.
  7. Have a life full of challenges. Entrepreneurs hate routine and are not willing to spend their time working in jobs that are boring. The day to day of an entrepreneur is full of challenges to overcome and goals to achieve.
  8. Personal and professional growth. Entrepreneurship is a path of constant learning in which every day you must acquire new knowledge and develop skills that will allow you to overcome your own limits.
  9. Feeling fulfilled Entrepreneurship is about dedicating all your time, effort and energy to follow your dreams and passions, then you will surely have a life full of personal satisfactions.
  10. Transcend. Entrepreneurs do not want to be a person anymore, they want there to be a before and after their passage through this world. They do not go after money, but behind a dream. They are visionary people who literally want to change the world.

The life of an entrepreneur is a life without rest. It is a life in which you have hundreds of looks criticizing what you do and waiting for you to take a false step to see you fall and say: “I told you!”, A life where failure is easier than succeeding… but want me to tell you something? The life of an entrepreneur is a life worthwhile … It is the only life in which you own your time and in which you have the possibility of owning your own future. It is a life full of passion where every day there is a reason to continue fighting. It is a life in which you feel full because you are doing what you really like.

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