13 Foods that will give you STRENGTH during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment a woman goes through, however cravings can harm your body and your baby. The idea is to consume foods that give you strength to feel full in that beautiful time of your life. Nutritious food will make you and your baby feel wonderful.

Today I will tell you the 13 foods that will give you STRENGTH during pregnancy.

#1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a food that not many people like, and it is true, their taste is not the best. But it is rich in vitamin C, nutrients and antioxidants, provides calcium and folic acid that will give you the strength you need for a perfect pregnancy.

#2. Lentils

Like broccoli, lentils provide folic acid, and are very rich in fiber fighting constipation typical of pregnancy. I advise you to accompany it with lean meat to have a complete diet, and strengthen your body.

#3. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread
Bread, cereals and brown rice are foods that should not be missing from your daily diet during pregnancy, it will provide you with a large amount of the iron you need.

#4. Banana

The bananas will offer you the necessary energy to fight fatigue, and they will give you a lot of potassium.

#5. Beans

Beans, in all their varieties, have a lot of nutrients needed to strengthen you and your baby.

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#6. Naranaja

Naranaja (Oranges)
Vitamin C is essential for your body, and not only will orange give you this vitamin, try also with grapefruit. It will also help you drink fluids and combat fatigue, which is so common during pregnancy.

#7. Lean meat

Lean meat
Lean meats will give you iron, like bananas, to avoid fatigue. You should not eat too much, and a correct cooking will give your body the necessary strength to not feel tired.

#8. Berries

Like oranges, they provide you with vitamin C, and antioxidants. Ideal for breakfast or dessert after lunch or dinner, you will see that you will feel much more vital than usual.

#9. Soy

Soy is a protein food, accompany it with lean meat, a perfect combination to provide your body with the nutrients it needs and feel good.

#10. Eggs

With perfect cooking, the eggs will not only have benefits for your body, but for the baby. It is a food rich in proteins and minerals. You can accompany it with vegetables, or lean meat for a full diet.

#11. Walnuts

They are very beneficial for your baby, but you should be careful not to overdo the nuts. They are protein and have fatty acids.

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#12. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables
Vegetables provide you with many nutrients, which will help you feel better. In all diets you should eat vegetables as they are healthy foods for your body.

#13. Nuts

Sweet cravings can be very negative for your body, but nuts will be the ideal choice to keep your body healthy, and satisfy those little cravings that all give us. Very rich in fiber, will give your body the necessary energy.

Food is the key to make your pregnancy perfect, and your baby to born strong and healthy. Fatigue is very common in this time of your life, so the right foods will provide a support to your body that will allow you to enjoy your baby as much as possible.

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