15 Reasons to convert visitors to your website in prospects

For this reason it is normal for a person to go to the same store several times. But also in most cases that goes to a store, is showing an interest in buying something. Stores are traditionally not sites for research. This makes the seller’s best interest to close the sale in a single visit.

On the Internet, the situation is different. We can choose to go to a store. And when we visit the website of a company we are not saying that we are going to buy anything yet. In fact in most cases we are doing research. According to some statistics, 80% of buyers spend half of their time researching online.

And because of the protocols used on the Internet we do not have accurate information about the people who visit our website. Visitors are even “more” anonymous than people who visit a physical store because we have no idea what it looks like.

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In the philosophy of Timely Marketing a prospect is a person who meets three conditions:

  • It is identified
  • Have an interest in your company
  • He gave you permission to contact him

While many websites are only trying to sell, I think it is even more important to convert visitors into prospects. Trying to make the sale in a single visit is very risky, and in fact, can scare people away. When you convert a visitor into a prospect, you have a lot of benefits. Let’s see the 15 that I consider most important:

#1. Accompany Clients in their Decision Process

With access to the Internet and almost unlimited information, our purchasing process has been extended over time. We spent an important time researching, comparing, and studying before deciding what we are going to buy. By establishing a relationship with the visitor that arrives at your website, you have the chance to communicate with them during the entire process. In this way you build a trust that increases the chances you do business with your company.

#2. Know your audience better

When making a sale you can obtain important information about the client. To begin you get information about what interests you, your personal data, you can even find out the reasons why you chose your company.

But if the only time to obtain information is when the sale closes, you lose the chance of having information that is much more valuable to your company: because they do not buy the ones that arrived initially. When you know the visitors to your website you can find out the reasons why they do NOT buy you. And you can learn more about the interests of the people that matter most to your business.

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#3. Get Recommendations

When you connect with a visitor and get some of their attention you are much more likely to recommend you with friends or colleagues who have similar problems. By achieving the connection you have a window of opportunity for that person to remember or know of similar problems with known people and can recommend you. This recommendation can be given directly or through Social Networks increasing the scope of your communications.

#4. Estimate your Sales better

Many companies have a sales process that have only one conversion: the sale. That is, you are an anonymous visitor or an identified customer. Planning future sales with so little information is very difficult and leads to inaccuracies. In addition we cannot improve our process to determine which step people abandon the interest in buying our product.

If we have an early identification of the potential client, we have another information point that allows us to plan better. If we know what percentage of prospects become clients, this information helps us plan more accurately. The universe of visitors is much more varied than the universe of people who have already identified and have an interest in your company.

#5. Evaluate your Initiatives

The more evaluation points an easier marketing initiative has, the more it is adjusted to improve it. When we have only the sale to measure if an initiative was successful I think you are imposing a ” tunnel vision “. We stop seeing the conditions that affect the sales process and we only concentrate on the final result.

Improving our initiatives then is always a bet that is made without intermediate information. It is binary: we are successful or not. When we identify prospects we can know at what point we are failing. And in this way we can adjust different points of our initiatives.

Maybe an initiative is very good getting prospects, but then we are very bad closing the sale. So the problem is not in the initiative but in what we are doing afterwards.

#6. Establish Marketing Networks

A Network Marketing allows you to extend the reach of your company by having a group of people who sell your products and services. People come to your website as an anonymous visitor, convert them into prospects and you can pass this contact to the people in your network.

Imagine, for example, that visitors arrive from a city where you do not have a physical presence but you have people in your network. You can work markets that would be out of your reach but converting them into prospects you attend decentralized.

#7. Investing better the time of the Sellers

In all the companies how the time of the sellers is invested is important to reach the financial goals. If sellers use their time on opportunities that do not materialize, the company suffers. Morality diminishes and the future of the company as a whole is affected. On the contrary, if you can invest time in opportunities that are easily closed, a virtuous circle is created that accelerates the company’s achievements. When the website is used to generate opportunities with a higher probability of purchase, the time of the sellers can be much better invested.

Instead of having to be “hunting” databases or making “cold” calls, or participating in expensive events, you can count on a constant flow of people who are interested in the company and its products. When the seller approaches these people there is already an advanced path that increases the chances of success. If this is joined by a “scoring” system or score of opportunities the success rate will increase even more.

#8. Create a Hearing for Cross Sales

People who become prospects are an audience with problems and needs that we can help. Having the opportunity to communicate with them allows us to investigate, understand, capture business that we would not otherwise have.

For example, imagine that you sell gardening services. Through your website, people subscribe to receive information about your company. Interacting with them you realize that people with houses and gardens have moisture problems on their walls. And that you could help them by getting a bricklayer to solve the problems.

As you already have a group of people with the same problem you can negotiate with the mason and get a discount and additional income for your company. In this case, everyone wins, and they solve their problem. All this is possible because you created the audience by converting visitors into prospects.

#9. Identify the Most Interested People

The level of interest of visitors to your web page can range from a person ready to buy, to a person who made a mistake by clicking on the search engine. Or even sometimes they are “robots” or programs that navigate your website to make some statistics. Identifying visitors lets you know which potential customers are and which just casual visitors are. I have known many companies that only look at the number of visitors and make decisions based on wrong premises. By connecting you can have more accurate information and determine which visitors are really interested and which are not.

#10. Create Opportunities “passively”

The effort to attract visitors to your website is exactly the same regardless of the number of visitors. The way to bring visitors is to publish valuable information for the people that interest you. The conversion of visitors to prospects on the website is done because these people perceive a value in your company. That conversion costs you the same whether it’s a connection or thousands of connections.

Opportunities are generated “passively”; they do not require any specific investment on your part. This allows you to “scale” your efforts and get a better return on your investment.

#11. Achieve Greater reach of your Messages

When you write an article and publish it on your website, you want to have the widest possible reach. A person who has never heard of your company and does a google search gets lots of options. And it is always a click away from choosing other web pages to visit.

If the person has already established a connection with you, he gave you the opportunity to send him a direct communication every time he publicly, avoiding going through the “roulette” of the search engine and reaching each member of your audience directly.

So how is a great benefit also brings a responsibility to care for them, pamper them and keep that door open and keep communicating with them.

The more connections you establish, the greater the audience you are guaranteeing for your messages.

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#12. Avoid techniques of “Persecution”

One of the most used techniques to increase sales is to obtain a list of phones or emails and start calling to offer our products. Many people do it even with the phone book or with directories of a guild or an industry. The process is to take a contact list and start calling until someone says “I’m interested”. This process is exhausting and requires a lot of time investment with few success options. Most of the people we are contacting are surprised or upset that a stranger is interrupting their routine to offer something they are not looking for.

This process changes completely with visitors to your website that become prospects. These people already know about your company and they are telling you that they agree to communicate with you. Instead of playing the lottery with the time of the people (and yours) you have a flow of people who are willing to hear you and eventually do business with your company.

#13. Establish trust

Gaining the trust of a person who comes to your website for the first time is a difficult task. If you think about all the confidence that it takes to finally make a purchase this task is even more expensive. Trying to achieve all or nothing in a visit to your website is a very risky bet.

The risk is greatly reduced if you try to gain confidence in small steps. On the first visit you try to connect and your main goal is trust enough to give you their contact information. So that they become prospects. Once you achieve this step you have the opportunity to build confidence one step at a time. This way you can be in the prospect’s mind for a good time before the purchase decision comes. If this is done with all visitors to your website, you have assured the growth of your business on a solid and reliable basis.

#14. Find the most effective channels

Visitors come to your website through different channels. Some arrive by search engines, others come by recommendations on Facebook, maybe they come by Twitter, or even by any advertising campaign you have. When you can identify the visitors and connect with them, you have a way to measure which channel is more effective, and dedicate your energies to the channels that have the highest success rate. The connection with the visitor allows you to build a clearer profile and know which ones reach customers and which ones do not.

Once you are clear about the most profitable channels, the time and money you invest can focus on where you get the best return.

#15. Reduce friction on your Website

Friction refers to the ease with which a person can navigate your website and perform the actions we request. On your website you have some documents that are more effective than others. Some articles help you attract customers while others chase them away. The most effective items are those where the greatest number of visitors become prospects.

Having the conversion information allows you to study what are the characteristics or contents or formats that most interest your model of person and you can improve your website every day more. The secret of the great sales on the Internet is to improve little by little until you achieve a constant machine to generate prospects, which you can help, and eventually convert into customers.

With these 15 reasons, you will surely find one that is important for your business. Now the challenge is to make your website very good by converting visitors into prospects to ensure the growth of your business.

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