22 Physical and Mental Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga is a discipline that was born in India and that positively affects both the mind and the body. It is associated with meditation, Buddhism and Hinduism. That is why it also has a lot of religious influence, which is why it is also a benefit for the mind.

He arrived in Spain a few decades ago and there are more and more people who practice it and defend its wide benefits for the human body. Many of them have even been scientifically proven. Even more and more this discipline is recommended by doctors for certain people due to problems in both the mind and the body. That is why here we leave you 22 benefits of practicing yoga.

Physical Benefits

#1. Avoid large injuries. This is due to the fact that the muscles gain strength and, in the event of any fall, protect us from large injuries, including bone ruptures.

#2. Improve flexibility. Not only does it help us get stronger, it also gives us a lot of flexibility. That is why it is great for older people because before the falls we not only have to be strong, but being flexible is essential. In addition, the lack of flexibility can cause bad postures that lead us to suffer intense pain.

Yoga improves flexibility and is very good for seniors

Yoga improves flexibility and is very good for seniors

#3. Increase energy. People who practice this exercise see a clear improvement in their day to day as they feel more vital and get tired less. In general it happens with many sports but this one in particular when helping you to accompany yourself with the rhythm of the body happens much more.

#4. Decrease pain. In addition to some of the benefits that we have already discussed this occurs because it produces endorphins which is also a mental benefit because, as you may know, endorphin is the hormone of happiness.

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#5. Improve our position. Precisely thanks to these two previous benefits we will have a better and straighter position. The head will get in line with the rest of the body. Poor posture can cause fatigue in addition to neck or back injuries.

#6. Prevents chronic diseases. Several studies defend that it helps diseases such as arthritis, chronic fatigue or asthma among others.

15 minutes of yoga a day is enough

Yoga is a practice that lengthens life and with 15 minutes a day is enough

#7. Lengthen life. Scientifically it has been proven that yoga increases the size of telomeres, structures that are part of the chromosomes and that are related to aging. Doing 15 minutes of yoga a day is enough to biochemically change parts of the brain and neurons.

#8. Weight loss. In the end this is the reason why many people do sports and that, as is obvious, this exercise also has a benefit. In addition, yoga helps us to know better what we eat and when we do it, so it helps us to make a kind of healthy diet that is a great help to lose weight.

#9. Improve the joints. The practice of this discipline takes the joints to their full movement so it can help prevent aches in it that are typical with the passage of age. This is due to the non-movement of the joint cartilages.

#10. Help the spine. It helps us to maintain a straight posture and also prevents disc deterioration that is very normal with age. It does this through flexibility and blood supply.

#11. Reduces cardiovascular risks such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.

#12. Improve sleep. Also yoga increases serotonin which helps us sleep better. It controls stress, as we have said, and body temperature in addition to regulating mood or appetite.

yoga for sleep better

Yoga increases serotonin so it helps us sleep better

#13. Oxygenates the body. It helps us through our breathing to get rid of toxins and to renew the oxygen in our body.

#14. Improve the balance. The correct position of our body will help us to have a better balance and avoid unnecessary falls or trips.

Mental Benefits

#15. It gives us inner peace. It is one of the main benefits of this discipline. It is known by all that yoga helps us to relax the mind and generate a state of peace and tranquility.

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#16. Improves humor. We have already commented, precisely because of the serotonin that occurs when we practice this exercise, our mood can improve. It reduces anxiety and depression.

#17. Avoid emotional imbalances. Yoga is an exercise that puts us in constant contact with our inner self. Therefore we get to know ourselves better and we move away from suffering alterations in our mood.

yoga for stress and anxiety

It is an exercise that greatly reduces stress when practiced.

#18. Reduce stress. Scientific studies show that this exercise reduces the levels of cortisol, a hormone that produces stress. This hormone is necessary for the human body however if it increases too much it can produce side effects. Therefore, that discipline helps reduce it.

#19. It makes us optimistic. The relationship of harmony between body, mind and environment makes us finally live more excited about life itself and we are even happier.

#20. Improve memory. The concentration we have to put in when we perform this exercise means that in the end we manage to improve memory and attention in our day to day life.

#21. Increase self-esteem. This discipline involves a physical and mental improvement. Therefore practicing it can lead to improve the way we think about ourselves.

#22. It helps us stay calm. As we have explained, it reduces stress but also guides us towards an intelligent and not precipitate resolution of problems. It makes us connect with our inner chakra and better handle the control of certain complicated situations.

As you can read the benefits of this practice are both mental and physical. In addition many of them are related to each other. Yoga is considered one of the best exercises that can be practiced today and is done more to be comfortable with oneself than to lose weight. So if you have not yet joined those who practice yoga, what are you waiting for?

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