3 Trendy Ideas to Décor your House in this New 2k17 year.

1. Tangy Orange and Lush Green Color of 2017.

Lush green curtains and soft spongy sofa, one wall in tangy color for vibrancy- these are trends backed in 2017 again traveling the miles from past yesteryears. The forecast of 2017 says- that how the tangy orange and lush green will change the taste of décor of people.

Green color will make your room re-live again, it is oxygenating like a breath of fresh air with its greenness. Most of the people introducing this lush green color in much newer way. They are trying it out in their living areas, rooftop greenery and leafy space. And on the other hand tangy orange gives the royal look to the place. When it combines with green give a new trendiest look to the house. Lush orange looks Royal in bedrooms and living rooms, giving it a feel of sunlight and making it brighter.
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2. Printed beautiful wallpapers.

Printed and floral wallpapers are in vogue in 2017. Decorate your house in 2017 with beautiful wallpaper. They have two benefits- 1. They make your wall look beautiful and 2. Protect your wall from being ruined by children too. Add these in your living room or in offices it will give the tremendous look to your place and convert it into one of the most fashionable’s house and get ready to collect praises from all.
Printed Wallpaper - Home Decor
Printed Wallpaper - Home Decor

3. It high time to go for Terracotta

The earthy terracotta is set to become one of the most popular materials of 2017. It is great add it in our homes, as it gives warmth to the surrounding. Terracotta bricks add an earthy uniqueness to your home. They are multifaceted too. You can use terracotta tiles anywhere in the house, in bedroom, living room and etc.

You can have terracotta doors and statue or even you can use these as tiles.

Terracotta - Home Decor

Terracotta - Home Decor

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