4 great ideas for Venetian Plaster colours all for you!

Polished plaster is a term that covers some of the most popular plaster finishes in the entire world. They have both old and new versions of traditional Italian plaster finishes. They include the decorative and highly polished Venetian and Marmorino type. They are basically lime based polishers that contain slaked lime, marble dust and marble chips which donates each of the plaster its distinctive and unique look. They can be used in both exterior and interior walls of your home.

Though, they are mainly preferred on the interior walls, and give a finish that resembles that of marble. They come in a myriad palette of colours both classical and vibrant. With high quality marble polished plaster, you can spruce up any room or give your entire house a makeover, on a budget. These plasters don’t contain any toxins, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), or acrylic additives making them environmental friendly. So, does that provide you good enough reasons to purchase polished plaster in London? Stucco Veneziano is the one to be contacted if you answered yes to the above question. They offer the best quality; ecological, polished plaster finishes at competitive prices, all over UK.

Different ideas for Venetian plaster colours

There is a variety of Venetian or polished plaster colours you can choose from. It’s all up to your likes and requirements. You can choose polished plaster for the kitchen, bathroom, dining, living room, or any room for that matter. These will bring out the charm of your rooms like no other. It’s all about experimenting and coming up with your own shade. So, let’s see what the great ideas are. Shall we?

  • Using Tinted Wax: The natural plaster is basically of earthly tones. A really great way of using the neutral colours of natural plaster is to actually mix it with tinted wax. It will give it a much deeper and smoother outlook, perfect to add charm to your washroom. If you are in search of an old world and earthly touch to add to your home, this is for you.
  • Mixing with stain: This is yet another great idea to create Venetian plaster colours. You just need to add to a couple of different polished plaster colours, the strain of your choice. This will automatically change the shade of the plaster that you were applying priory. And in turn, create new depth and design on the walls. Yeah, you can actually start to feel like an interior/ surface designer doing this.
  • Combine shades: There’s yet another suggestion for you on the changing colour department. Combine multiple shades of the same parent colour all together. You can achieve this by applying a thin layer of plaster of the first shade. Then follow it up with a single layer of the second colour plaster. You can go on continuing this till you reach the desired colour, gradient, and texture. But make sure to apply each layer quite thinly or it shall cake up.
  • Use layering: You can go all out and mix poles apart colours like tans, beiges, purples, pinks etc. all in separate layers. This will help you achieve a very unique look. The different colours will be bursting out through the different layers on the different spots on the wall. It will give the surface a glazed finish like no other, and is quite appealing.

So, these were just four of the many ideas you could come up with, to create your own polished plaster colours. There’s no need to settle with just a single shade or layer of wall treatment. You should just know what look you are aiming for. And rest, you can play with colours and come up with something new. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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