4 Ways to cultivate discipline if you want to succeed

Success is not something that comes alone, although sometimes we see people and we may think they were lucky, success is the result of a series of actions that lead to a favorable outcome. It is not about something that arises by chance, unless it is a person who has no goal or goal and is satisfied with what you are doing. That is also valid.

But to be able to say that “we are successful” we must feel satisfied with what we have achieved. That’s why success is not the same for all people. Someone can feel successful in forming a family, others by having their own profitable business, others traveling the world and so on.

If you have tried to succeed, but your attempts have been unsuccessful and you are getting fed up, put into practice these keys of WeeklyWoo that will surely be very useful to achieve what you consider to be successful in your life.

On the other hand, you may have already tried different techniques and at the beginning you do very well, but then after days or weeks you start to let your guard down until eventually you find yourself where you were at the beginning. What is it that happens there? Could it be that you are losing motivation or that patience does not reach you? Because you have to take into account that most things do not come automatically, no matter how much we love immediacy.

Most likely, the area in which you are failing is that of discipline. Why? This is something very common, do not think you are the only one who happens to you. The discipline develops from childhood that is why there are people who are easier to apply because they have some experience with it.

However, that others cost more or have rebelled against the discipline unconsciously – perhaps because they lived in a system too strict – does not give them carte blanche not to use it as a tool to achieve their goals.

Discipline is often perceived as castrating, as something that subjects you, but the reality is that discipline is important in many aspects of our lives. Above all, the discipline we apply to ourselves. Without discipline, without organization, without perseverance, it will be very difficult for you to see your goals or achieve success.

How discipline is so important and cannot be achieved from one day to the next, then we will leave you some ways so you can cultivate it without dying in the attempt:

#1. Make yourself a sleep schedule:

we have already talked a lot about the importance of a good rest, but in this way we know each and every one of the benefits that the adequate hours of sleep bring, many people do not take it into account because they give priority to other things.

You wonder what this has to do with the discipline, well, to cultivate it you can start with this habit that is going to bed at a certain time or waking up earlier than you usually do, in order to get more productivity.

It may be a bit difficult at first, but if it were not difficult, discipline would not be required. At the beginning you can do a 10 minute adjustment, then half an hour until you can do it for an entire hour, whether this requires you to sleep earlier the night before.

The discipline does not force you to neglect the dream, which is something vital to be able to function at 100% of your abilities.

#2. Keep an agenda:

This will not only make life much easier in terms of organizing your time, it will also help you to cultivate the discipline of writing things, organize them by priorities and then carry out each one of those slopes.

If you do not consider yourself a very traditional person to write your activities in an agenda, there are also applications for smartphones where you can add information and then receive notifications and / or reminders.

#3. Make a budget:

Monitoring your expenses is a way to cultivate discipline. It does not matter if you have the expenses domiciled to a card, having a budget will help you have more control over what you earn, what you spend, will allow you to be more efficient in your financial decisions, among others.

Not having an established budget, if you leave the general category where the majority commits it, you will be cultivating your personal discipline.

#4. Do not trust motivation:

The author, often talks about the importance of patience to achieve the established goals and to nurture the discipline with a good focus interesting.

When we are motivated it will be much easier to achieve the goals, so it is important that you stay focused so that the motivation does not deflate. However, the motivation is not every day is everything that gives, so we cannot depend completely on this.

If the motivation drops (which is perfectly normal, only you have to remember again why you do it), discipline is what will keep you standing, following what you need to do to achieve the results.

The discipline is cultivated by putting it into practice, and you see that it works when you can use it without complaining or when you get to use it when everything else fails.

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