5 benefits of female masturbation

Giving pleasure to oneself still continues to be a taboo subject in many places. However,  it is a totally natural and healthy part of human sexuality . In this article we will discuss several of its positive aspects, especially the benefits of female masturbation.

And, although the idea that men masturbate is more socially accepted,  it does not happen so openly with women . However, although it is rarely shared, what the statistics tell us is that they do. We can find some data, for example, in the study conducted by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) of the University of Indiana.

So, since we are talking about a practice without negative side effects, with this article  we want to help you be more aware of all the positive aspects of female masturbation . If you are a man, it will help you to understand your partner better. And if you are a woman, with the shared you will see a little more naked masturbation of all those myths and taboos that have accompanied her in social thought for several centuries and in many societies.

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Benefits of female masturbation

The masturbation, in spite of awakening the curiosity in many cases, continues being a subject on which many hypotheses are shuffled and enough less certainties. However, some research  points to associations  between this practice and physical, mental and sexual health . In particular, certain physical and psychological aspects seem to improve in women when they immerse themselves in autoerotism.

Benefits of female masturbation

Next we will see which are the most relevant.

#1- Increase welfare

The most relevant benefit of masturbation is also the most obvious: when we touch each other, we feel good . But why does this happen? As happens during sex, the orgasms that we have with ourselves release certain neurotransmitters in the brain  . These are capable of altering our mood and even aspects of our physical health.

Thus, one of the best known among those who are liberated with autoerotism is dopamine. This substance  is responsible for feeling pleasure  and its effects can be very powerful. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of female masturbation is the increase in the feeling of well-being.

#2- It helps you to enjoy sex more

Some women are unable to have orgasms when they are with their partners. There may be many different causes why this happens, but  there is a direct relationship between masturbating regularly and enjoying more sexual encounters .

This, which seems counter-intuitive, is actually not so much. Female masturbation allows women who practice it to better understand their body and know what makes them really enjoy . That is why, once they are with their partners, they are able to guide them more effectively so that their caresses are more pleasurable.

#3- Reduce stress levels

One of the benefits of female masturbation that most influences psychological well-being is its relaxing effect. Several studies have shown that, thanks to the substances released in the brain,  women who practice autoerotism see their stress levels reduced significantly .

This is more important than it might seem at first. Stress has been linked to all kinds of problems, such as depression, anxiety , cancer or heart attacks. Therefore,  any practice that helps reduce it should have a gap in our day to day .

#4- Help relieve menstrual pain

For many women, one of the most irritating factors of their sex are menstrual pains. Once a month they have to suffer all kinds of discomfort that sometimes even analgesics can not eliminate. However, what would happen if there was a way to reduce them in a very pleasant way ?

Well, this is precisely what the investigations seem to show. Several studies on the benefits of female masturbation  argue that this practice helps reduce or even eliminate menstrual pain . So you know: the next time you feel this discomfort, instead of taking a pill, you can dedicate some time to yourself.

Help relieve menstrual pain

#5- Improve your health

The last of the health benefits of women who masturbate on a regular basis is perhaps the most shocking. As the most promising studies show,  orgasms obtained alone can reduce the likelihood of suffering from different diseases, such as diabetes or cancer .

Apparently, during orgasm not only endorphins are released, substances are also generated that  play a very important role in the maintenance of physical health . Of course, these are not the only benefits of female masturbation. However, only with the five that we have already exposed, who would not want to join this practice ? Lose the fear of your body and dare to make yourself enjoy.

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