5 Factors that Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks

Heart diseases and heart attacks, in particular, have been the prime cause of deaths in America for a long period of time. Most people still suffer from a heart problem, given the sedentary lifestyle and other malfunctioning in the body. When the blood flow in the heart is blocked, owing fairly to the buildup of cholesterol, fat, and other various elements, the chances of heart attack occurs. This build-up creates a plaque in the coronary arteries that causes damage to the heart muscle and interrupts blood flow.

Below are some of the shocking factors that play a vital role in increasing the chances of a heart attack:

Low Good Cholesterol

According to a recent medical research, it was found that low HDL is one of the highest determining factors of coronary events. The research was conducted on more than seven thousand people that examined the relationship between major coronary events and good cholesterol or HDL.

Frequent Infection

If you are getting tested for flu or other several respiratory tract infections quite often, your chances of getting a heart attack are 5 times higher. A medical study disclosed the reason behind this theory and stated that infections lead to an inflammatory response, which has an ability to generate stroke or a heart attack. In case you are frequently being diagnosed with an infection, opt for a flu vaccine and lower the risk of heart stress that is induced by infection.

Contemporary Living and Urban Lifestyle

City life is great for making a career and achieving dreams, however, the same cannot be said for your heart. Exposure to long traffic every day regardless of your mode of transport might enhance the likeliness of a heart attack. You can browse the Internet and learn how to lead a healthy urban living along with information related to various forms of diagnosis. For such information, you can rely on a credible source like Mybiosource resources.

Stopping the Intake of Aspirin

Discontinuing NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as, an aspirin therapy can trigger the heart attack in patients who are already suffering from a heart problem. There are numerous studies backing this theory and the researchers mainly suggest the ceasing of aspirin should always be done slowly and under the guidance of a medical professional, especially in the case of heart patients.

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

An observational study done by medical scholars found that prostate cancer treatment, which generally comprises of the hormone treatment, boosts the possibility of a major heart attack that can cause sudden death. Although the researchers say that there is still a lot of research to be done in order to establish a connection between the two, people should be aware of the cause while opting for a prostate cancer treatment.


These are some of the most surprising factors that specifically heighten the risk of a heart attack. Keep these points in mind and talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of them. Lead a healthy life; add nutritious food items in your diet, and exercise regularly to keep your heart healthy.

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