5 simple ways to increase self-confidence

Self-confidence or self-confidence is not a static quality. Rather, it is a state of mind that requires considerable effort to sustain when things get difficult . It must be learned, practiced and mastered just like any other skill. However, when it is acquired, great results can be obtained.

Therefore, in this article we show you some simple and effective exercises to increase self-confidence. This, in turn,  will allow us to grow and face the day to day with more ease, favoring our emotional health.

Self-confidence can be learned and trained. It is not a static quality, but it is perfected through practice and movement.

1. Get in your paper

In a single moment, your body language can show confidence in yourself or scream that you are an insecure person. Introduce yourself in a way that reflects that you are ready to take control of any situation. If you demonstrate security and believe in the role you aspire to achieve, not only will you feel more secure, but you will also make people trust you.

In addition, several studies show that adopting a body language of a self-confident person will make you feel better . To achieve all this, keep your head up, sit up straight, gently pull your shoulders back to line up your spine and look directly at the other person when interacting. Also, give a firm handshake and keep eye contact when someone speaks to you.

2. Get dressed so that you feel comfortable and safe

When you look better, you feel better. If you choose clothes and accessories that fit well, that adapt to your personality and lifestyle and that make you feel attractive, you can increase the level of confidence in yourself.

Introduce yourself according to the role you intend to play, or in other words, dress for success. Do not fear that your personality will shine with the accessories you choose, since a piece of jewelry, an interesting watch or a striking tie could be enough to start a good conversation.

3. Speak firmly and with confidence

The next time you listen to your favorite speaker, discuss the way he delivers a speech. A great speaker speaks with confidence, in a rhythmic and constant tone . Instead of using word tags to think like “eh” and “mmm” that interrupt the flow of language, use pauses to emphasize ideas.

Adopt an assertive but non-aggressive mode of speaking that is an indicator of your safety; In this way, you will feel how the level of confidence in yourself increases. In addition, p o be taken seriously, avoid talking in an acute or nervous tone and incorporate nervous laughter in your speech .

4. Act and think optimistically

Another way to increase self-confidence is based on always looking for the good side of things and avoiding negative comments. Smile and surround yourself with happy and positive people . You will feel better and the people you work with will enjoy being with you.

To contribute to this good practice, keep a diary of gratitude to remember the pleasant moments of your day to day , as well as your achievements. In this way, you will develop more peace and confidence when you stay in a grateful mood.

5. Take action

Having confidence in yourself goes beyond how you dress and present: you must act as such. Approach a complete stranger at a networking event or accept a project that you would normally reject. Practice being sure and soon you will feel like your own skin.

Lack of action breeds doubt and fear, while movement generates trust and courage . As a practical exercise, write down your strengths and weaknesses. Most people will tell you to work on your weaknesses, but, instead, use what you have and take advantage of your strengths. Once you put more energy into your positive traits than your negative ones, your confidence will begin to shine on its own.

Finally, keep in mind that  whatever you do, there will always be people who are not happy with you. So, focus on what you really want to achieve and do, without worrying about what they think of you.

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