6 Unique birthday surprise ideas

Who doesn’t love surprises? If somebody says so, then he is definitely lying right through his teeth. Similarly, like receiving surprises is so fun, planning a surprise for your near and dear ones is equally enriching yet challenging though. A lot of scratching heads and toes become a part of our clocks days before your loved ones D-day. To save your time over planning and rather contribute towards the execution, we bring you some unique and off beat ideas you can lock on right now, to make your bestie or parents or sister’s or anybody’s birthday a memorable one. Since birthdays are an important occasion of our lives.

#1. Message treasure hunt

Unique birthday surprise ideas

Birthdays are the best day to express your feelings and gratitude about the person we really love. But why to do it in a usual and mundane way? Message treasure hunt is the best way to surprise your dear one with a day full of heartfelt messages. The message counts can vary from the birthday number to any digit of your choice. You can also have a message at the end of every hour to make him/her feel special throughout the day. All you have to do is just be prepared with the lovely messages. Choose different cards and fill them with messages and hide it different places. The clue of every hidden place of the card can be mentioned in the letter that comes before.  This way you can make his/her entire day thrilling and exciting.

#2. The celebrity feel

Unique birthday surprise ideas

This is a little tricky, but if executed well this can make his/her day! The only thing you have to put efforts in is to secretly or smartly get to know your friend’s whereabouts on that day. And wherever he or she goes just reach before that time and request a few people to go and wish her on the special day. Just imagine, if you find a stranger wishing you everywhere you land up on your birthday. Sounds fun! Doesn’t it? More than fun, you will definitely feel like a celebrity!

#3. Birthday Movie!

Unique birthday surprise ideas

This is the easiest and definitely the most heart touching surprise one can ever get. It does require a lot of efforts beforehand to set it up but it is all definitely worth it when you see that beautiful smile on your dear ones face at the end of it. You can request everybody who knows your loved one to send a clip with a short message or a wish or anything quirky they would like him/her to see on the special day. You can collate all of it together and merge it with some pictures or videos you might have of the person and just punch in story with a voice over. Your friend will have a personal movie of his own and it will definitely touch the chords. To enhance the experience, you can get it played at a café’s TV or you can have a special screening at a quite dinner with the loved one’s physically present.

#4. Spontaneous trek

Spontaneous trek

Make your friend do some crazy shit on the special day to make him/her remember it and talk about it for a lifetime to come. Especially, if your friend is an adventure freak, he shill will thank you for the adrenaline rush. Just wake him/her up in the morning with not the usual balloons and chocolates but with a fanny pack and trekking shoes. Make him/her spend his day climbing mountains or rafting through the rivers. If he or she is not a trek fan then you can plan a secret getaway or a picnic party by inviting his/her closed ones too.

#5. The new member

Spontaneous trek

We all sleep the night before with definitely keeping hopes to wake up to a balloon filled room, or a cake or chocolates or maybe just flowers by the table. But all this will be a flat foot in front of a morning wake up alarm with a four legged staring right at you. It is nice to find yourself a company on your birthday. Either you can bring a lot of canines or meows to play with the birthday girl or boy in the morning or you can gift with a permanent addition to the family. And if your loved one is a hardcore animal lover, don’t think twice before letting the four legged lick his face to wake him up in the morning.

#6. Personalized website

Personalized website

This can be a good idea if you wish to elongate the birthday surprise over a day. Call up your coder friend or just browse over the free temporary website service offers available over the net. All you have to do is design a template which is as easy as coloring a card. You can sync the website with your loved one’s social network platforms. You can decorate the website with personal messages, pictures, videos, Vlogs etc. You can also request people to post personalized messages over there to give it an emotional touch. So just type in a wish for your friend when the clock strikes midnight with a URL that might bring happy tears in your friend’s eyes.

If your loved one is a techie or an emotional wreck, an animal lover or a movie buff or an adventure freak or just someone who adores surprises, we have done all the thinking for you. So if you wish to leave an imprint of the day in your near and dear one’s memory for ever, but do not want to just walk in with a cake and bouquet on the special day like always, put a thought over these and pick the one that you think he/she will love the most. Although you can merge ideas together too just to make the day an unforgettable one. Take off your thinking caps and gear up to set it all the way your loved one will like it. Also, make sure that he/she is unaware of the conspiracies.

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