6 Ways To Use Lighting To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Owning a house for most Americans mean a lot more than simply having someplace to live   and sleep in. Home ownership is an important source of wealth as well. The average net worth of a homeowner in the U.S. since 2007 has ranged from $159,000 up to over $221,000, as reported by data over time. One popular pastime that many homeowners like to participate in is to upgrade and improve theirs properly in order to boost its value. Many homeowners are in such a rush to enhance their bathrooms and kitchens by using the latest tile and countertops that they tend to overlook one of the most basic home upgrades that provide the largest return on its expense, which is lighting. If you would like to have a home improvement project that will add value but where a second mortgage isn’t required to pay for it, the following are some useful home exterior lighting ideas that you can use to help boost the value of your home.

Add some elegance to a room with home exterior lighting

Add some elegance to a room with home exterior lightingMany leading home exterior lighting experts recommend that you consider installing an eye-catching chandelier to replace boring room lights. Chandeliers, more than other types of features, can provide a room with an elegant and unique touch. There are hundreds of different home exterior lighting designs options that are quite affordable.  You can easily find something that your budget can afford while still wowing your guests.  You also don’t need to restrict a chandelier to just the dining room or living room.  A spa-like ambiance can be created by adding a chandelier to a master bath or bedroom.

Make the bathroom beautiful

If there are overhead lights in your bathroom, consider installing wall-mounted lights to replace them to add value and warmth to your bathroom.  You need to have even lighting around your mirror so that side shadows aren’t created.  Remember that high watt bulbs can make a small space feel bigger and soft lighting provides empty spaces with warmth.  When beautiful decorations are added to a bathroom in your residential or commercial property it will enhance the bathroom’s appearance.  If you decide to also add some lights, it will create a view that is beautiful and decorative.

Don’t forget about your kitchen

Make the bathroom beautifulFlooring, cabinets, and countertops tend to get most of the attention when kitchens are upgraded, However, without the right lighting, a room is never going to function as well or look as good as it could.  Kitchens are work areas.  One central overhead light isn’t going to provide enough illumination when you are searching for pumpkin spice in the back part of a cabinet.  Kitchen lighting is divided by many designed into three categories: accent lighting (to illuminate glass-front cabinets or set a mood), task lighting (for performing detailed tasks), and general lighting (provides overall illumination).  Once you have the right fixtures installed, add high-quality bulbs for maximizing lighting efficiency and dimmer switches to add flexibility.

Go natural

Exterior lightingOpen up your curtains, blinds, and window shades to allow in as much natural lighting as you can. Natural light gives your home an airy and open feeling. It is an added bonus if your house has skylights.  If it doesn’t, home exterior lighting experts report that a less expensive option is sun tubes.  They are tubular, smaller skylights that utilize reflective material for funnel natural light coming from a hole cut into the rooftop and capped with a globe down through a fixture in the ceiling and out inside the room. They can also e used for brightening areas such as entries and hallways where it wasn’t practical to have traditional skylights.  The extra natural light also can help to lower your electric bill as well.  In many aspects of life going natural is important especially when the exterior lighting on your residential or commercial property is involved.

Go outside

The value and curb appeal of your home can also be enhanced by exterior lighting if you include lighting as an important component of your landscaping plan.  Whenever you are driving at night through a neighborhood, there is a good chance that the houses that stand out the most will be the ones where lighting is a central feature.  Lighting needs to highlight structural features such as fencing, water features, fire pits, and pathways.  If you have outdoor living spaces such as decks or patios, then they should be incorporated into the overall landscaping and lighting design of your property.

Home Exterior Lighting

When lighting is used creatively it can make rooms appear smaller or large and change the mood.  It can increase functionality or enhance color. Get in touch with a home exterior lighting expert today to increase the value of your home and make it more beautiful with great lighting.

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