7 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas in Metro Manila

There are a lot of places in the Philippines that are the cheapest place to visit and try. Sometimes, getting out of the house of the city may be needed to spend with. But while you are going easily in a hole in your pocket, don’t let your hopes down. There is fun yet cheap date ideas that will prove that it is possible to enjoy both the city and the quality time together, without spending expensive things.

Photo walk in Manila

In this place, there were event photoshoots happened like debut ideas, prenuptial, and dates. You can find unknown corners of the city, walking down the areas of Intramuros and Binondo, makes the perfect photos. Explore the architecture of Intramuros which remains the history of the country. Even though the mosaic was traditional but it’s still interesting and aesthetic translates well onto film.

Meditation class

There are overworked couples living in the big city, take some few hours for some silence and refocusing the mind at Ocean Sky Chan. The Monastery offers weekly Zen meditation classes for those new to the experience. For those couples who are adventurous and wants to learn, the Monastery offers free Mandarin classes to their meditation students as well.

Board Game Cafe

Skip the fancy dates or nightclubs and spend it with the evening battling one another over different board games at Ludo Board Game Bar and Café. The customers who want to stay to play the board game can stay as long as one person orders a minimum of one of their menu. They have a variety of tasty appetizers and drinks, their shelves display has a wider range of games to play. Their staff also will assist you if you are struggling how the board game works. Just explain and tell them what game you are into and enjoy!

Museum Hopping

There is more of a dozen of art, culture, and history to take with your partner. There are galleries of the National Museum, admiring the masterpieces of the legacy of the artists in the country’s history. If you are planning to have a date on Tuesday, you can include the Metropolitan Museum in the itinerary for which the admission is free on that day of the week. But for couples who have the budget for under 2USD, visit them on Saturday afternoon and the free guided tour is free at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. There are also exhibits in the Ateneo Art Gallery that opens to public and free for individual visitors or groups. And lastly, the interesting Money Museum where the visitors spend the time of the history and evolution of the Philippines currency and economy and the entrance fee is also free!

Local Bands, Live!

In Manila, there is local music scene that is very lively. Local bands and artists are both arising in the veterans and regularly play live gigs all over the Metro. Mostly of them, they are in the restaurants and bars for simply entertaining the venue. Add some food and drinks and you can enjoy the brightest and calmest night of the day. Concerts are also abundant in Manila and they are budget-friendly. The 70’s Bistro is also known for serving affordable menu items for you to enjoy. Just keep track of their social media updates to know when you and your partner’s favorite acts are taking the stage.

Indi Film Date

How about embracing the country’s films and skip Hollywood movie date at a mall and try the film screening at the cozy Cinema ’76 Film Society. This cinema has its elevated seats and plush throw pillows, which can have 60 sits for people. The tickets cost only 3USD per person and a movie date is not that heavy for the wallet.

Be a Volunteer

Spend your weekend like on a Saturday morning with your partner with the lending Project Pearls or Helping Land in Tondo. The non-profit organization has been reaching out to the most communities and around the Metro. They have Saturday outreach program which involves feeding, learning activities and take care of the area’s children. They also have a daily soup kitchen Monday to Fridays and make quality time more with children, you may not know that you are changing their lives.

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