7 reasons you should visit Dubai for Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is held each year from 26th December to 28th January. It is one of the world’s most overgenerous shopping festival, which allows you to spend less and buy more. A true shopper’s paradise and art lover’s dream, experiencing this one of a kind shopping festival is bounded by no words. DSF not only provides a shopping like never before experienced, it also offers an exclusive opportunity to get a glimpse into Dubai’s lifestyle, vivacious culture, and riches. It has also become a significant source of entertainment for all its visitors.

Dubai Shopping Festival has something for everyone. When visiting Dubai during DSF, it is a win for not only the customers but also the retailers who want to sell their stocks. We have discussed 7 reasons why you should visit Dubai specifically in DSF season. So, take a look and know more about this festival of shopping, discounts and overall gain.

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#1. Plentiful rebates

This is the straightforward reason to visit Dubai for DSF. You will find amazing rebates and deals on almost every item. Discounts on top quality items and renowned brands are the best feature of DSF, and it draws thousands of shoppers from all over the world every year.

Trust us, DSF is the perfect time to buy that super expensive item which you have craved on for the whole year. Discount rain on everything and it isn’t just clearance sale on items, it’s everywhere and on everything.

#2. Dubai duty-free

Apart from all the amazing discounts being offered, Dubai also becomes a duty-free city throughout DSF. All the shops at Dubai International Airport are fully stocked for all the passengers to shop without duty fee, as much as they can. Passengers from connecting flights can also enjoy this offer. So make sure to take full advantage of Dubai duty-free shops at DXB during DSF.

#3. Fashion displays

Dubai is jam-packed at the time of Dubai Shopping Festival. Taking this fact into account, big time fashion brands and designers take full advantage in organizing fashion displays and shows for promoting their goods and accessories. They organize exhibits, catwalks, media shows, and much more. It is the best chance to take part in such a show and know what the current and future trends are.

#4. Fireworks

Dubai city organizes some of the best firework displays all across the city during DSF. You can witness some of the most incredible fireworks during your shopping tour, which is a memorable experience for everyone. Take amazing photos of the world’s tallest building and fountains with fireworks spreading colors in the night sky.

#5. Events:

One of the best things about Dubai city is that it adapts to different cultures and events happening there. One such example is Dubai becoming an action-packed and exciting city during its month-long shopping festival. It hosts different cultural events, shows, fashion shows, music concerts, and other life experiences. Even the streets are full of artists, musicians, and magicians celebrating this great sale of the world. It is certainly a momentous occasion and you must enjoy to the fullest along with your never-ending shopping.

#6. Light Displays:

While you do you’re shopping in the daytime, Dubai nights will bring you magnificent and jaw-dropping light shows. Light shows on Dubai Creek, Festival Promenade, and multiple streets will take your sleep away. Other amazing light shows can be seen on some of the most attractive and renowned Dubai landmarks such as Burj Khalifa. Imagine seeing the tallest man-made structure in the world with the beautiful light display, it surely is a moment to remember for the rest of your lives. You just can’t afford to miss out on these light shows. This city is truly obsessed with amazing light works, and for this reason, it has been included in Guinness Book of World Records.

#7. Tourism

Lastly, Dubai is not just a city with tons of light shows, music shows, fashion displays, unlimited sales, and home to the superlatives of everything; it is also one of the tourist havens in the Middle East. Dubai is visited by millions of tourists not only during DSF but also throughout the year. It is loaded with amazing beaches, hundreds of tourist spots such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, the Palm and more. By visiting Dubai during the shopping festival, you can not only get the best sales and deals on your favorite clothing brand, electronic item, or gadget; but also, an exclusive access to one of the most visited, tourist hotspot, prolific, man-made engineering wonder of the world.

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