8 Comics that captures childhood memories to take you back

Childhood is the most memorable time in each of us life. We have spent such a beautiful time during our childhood, and have made memories with friends, family, doctor uncle, teachers, and many more. So here are some comics by Brown Paper bag which will surely take you back.

The comics designed and narrated in the way that it will make you remember about your childhood. The stories which the artist is trying to show by his art which almost each Indian kid have done, once.

When we try to be weather-forecaster and this happens:-

Comics that captures childhood memories

Whenever​ in rainy season we thought to go out after seeing  clear sky, don’t know why God always had to do this with us. All the plans for playing got wasted every time.

When planning for birthday :-

Comics that captures childhood memories

“Yes, it’s my birthday”. Each kid got excited in morning by thinking this. And he/she also plan out his/ her each step for that special day. But, what happens each time, the people who we don’t know our mom’s force to talk to them. And our friends made us beggar on our birthday, just think on that time how does it feel when all our pocket money just got vanished in few hours which we are collecting from months. And this is how each birthday got celebrated.

When mom try to become doctor with her turmeric and we have to suffer:-

Comics that captures childhood memories

Our loving mom’s sometimes behave like that she is advertising for turmeric. In childhood whenever we got sick she just took her turmeric jar out and starts her advertising.

When we know better who to do buttering -:

Comics that captures childhood memories

This comic is such a funny one. Remember that day when we have to agree on all the saying of our that friend who had ball with him. Otherwise he frighten us to take ball with him. But that time we only care about the ball. Hehehee….

When relatives shows more interest in board-exam’s marks than our birthday then this happens-:

Comics that captures childhood memories

Our darling relatives, sometimes react as ‘blood sucking worm’. Really, they show more interest in asking marks rather than wishing us birthday. Such a pain, ufff….

When we show some animal love -:

Comics that captures childhood memories

When we show some love and they become hounds and fight each other.

When friend call and ask for party :-

Comics that captures childhood memories

When our friends had nothing to do except party, and we have to do genuine work. The only solution for this is to shut the phone off.

During summer vacation, when sun become real enemy and sucks all the energy with its straw-:

Comics that captures childhood memories

Every time when summer vacations started we plannedfor outing and playing out side whole vacations. But each time sun too had his plans to suck all our energy and before playing each time we got exhausted. Rude sun.

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