8 Unique Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Since the economic crisis made its appearance, there are many companies and businesses that have gone bankrupt. The fact that there are fewer and fewer jobs created the need for many people to create their own business to survive. The necessity entrepreneurship has been driven by an unfavorable economic context for recruitment and people with no hope for a job promising job.

This type of entrepreneurship is not very different from entrepreneurship by opportunity. The full opening of economic borders, digitalization and new forms of communications as well as new technologies favor the creation of companies On the other hand, the search for freedom and independence is one of the main reasons that push towards the world of entrepreneurship. In this context, and thanks to Lamiae, from the company Fonvirtual.com, it is possible to gather a series of characteristics of an entrepreneur in the current times.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

#1. Decision making

An entrepreneur is a person capable of making good judgment about any business. This quality allows you to take advantage of a good opportunity at the right time and place. A new business or company is always a challenge that requires a long and in-depth study of exploitable opportunities before launching and making decisions that involve risks.

The idea of ​​risk can bring with it a negative connotation in the sense that it refers to a person who reacts instinctively without thinking. It is the opposite, a person who takes and accepts these risks is above all prudent and capable of analyzing the opportunities and threats of the sector in which it operates. But this, at best, can reduce the risk without being able to eliminate it completely.

If you assume that risk at the time of the creation of your business, the risk will remain with the development of the activity when you seek to innovate the product or service. If a competitor wants to maintain competitive advantage, he has to know how to reinvent himself and modify or even radically change strategies.

#2. Passion for business

Investing in a new business is a long and laborious way. Every entrepreneur is aware that he will encounter obstacles and people who do not believe in the profitability of the project. This can make it easy to be demotivated and dismantled by bad judgments. A good entrepreneur, does not have to react only without considering the advice of others since such an attitude can lead to bad decisions. However, it is in the project initiative and must then be up to carrying out your teams, your investors and those involved in the project in order to make them believe as well as themselves in the success of the project.

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Once again, being passionate does not make reference to irrational passion linked to affection. A passionate entrepreneur is dominated by the passion to create a project and make it real but has control in return.

#3. Connectivity

An entrepreneur must be rational and must know how to master the bases of business management to carry out your idea. There are tools that are connected that can help manage the development of a company as well as possible and which can be controlled.

Being connected is essential today. Information and new ideas circulate quickly and force every entrepreneur to achieve greater efficiency to remain profitable. The Internet of objects has shown that it is not for private use.

Note : The existence of tools that allow the collection of value data for the realization of analysis and a better knowledge of the market helps enormously in the positioning among the competitors

#4. Flexibility

The mobility is a prerogative and has become inherent in the process of creating businesses and brands. It is essential, especially at the beginning of the growth of a company, to get the first customers and contact investors. However, having mobility and flexibility means maintaining the professional image of your company even outside the sector.

The emergence of new internal communication tools, such as the Internet and advanced telecommunication solutions, have enabled companies to virtual communicate by distributing incoming calls to the company’s mobile phones from the virtual number of the company.

#5. Acceptance of failure

When a new company is created, the risk is always there and failures can appear at any time, as well as the different phases of innovations operated in the course of its development. Whether it is from a personal or professional point of view, it is important for an entrepreneur to go back after having lived a failure.

#6. Hard work

Launching a venture is a marathon, not a fast race. It requires resistance, and you have to be in shape to support the lifestyle. The founders inevitably encounter failure every day. Although some ideas work, it is more common that they do not. You try, fail and try again.

Schedule nine to five? Forget this. Most startup teams work 80 to 90 hours a week in the launch phase. As a technology entrepreneur told me recently, having an idea is just the first step of a long road. You have to have the instinct to duck your head and resist while you go through the whole process.

#7. Know how to communicate

The optimization of communication is very important since it allows to have greater visibility and understanding. Knowing how to carry out a good communication is a base that helps to obtain the desired success. An effective communication can obtain satisfactory results in sectors such as sales or marketing.

A good communication about the products or services that we offer will always be a competitive advantage in front of the interest groups of a company. The fact of being in continuous interaction with others forces us to look for optimal alternatives to inform the people who are part of the specific or general environment of a company about the goods and services we offer.

#8. Know how to share the experience

It is necessary to make public the own experience in what concerns the activity that is carried out independently of the sector in which it is operated. For this, you can make use of the company’s own blogs or external blogs. The fact of explaining your own experience makes your stakeholders have a clearer vision of your career, which creates a certain security to carry out business with your company.

In conclusion, to be a good entrepreneur today we must consider having most of these characteristics. What has been the feature that has most attracted your attention? Leave your comment and tell me your experience.

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