9 Charming Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

Are you in the midst of wedding planning? We feel you if it’s overwhelming – there are too many things you (and the groom, of course!) need to think of. But don’t let that distract you from what wedding really is about – celebrating the love of two people, so first and foremost, it should be a fun and loving event! It’s easy to forget that part, though, because the organizational aspect of a wedding can indeed be an exhausting one. But for now, let’s focus on some fun things, such as decor ideas for your wedding! We’ve come up with some rustic decor ideas for all of those who value tradition with a twist!

1. Have the Right Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked because people forget how important it is. Don’t let that happen to you – good light (or a bad one nevertheless!) can transform the space where you’ll be having reception or ceremony, so make it a focal point of any design plan. For example, install hanging lighting fixtures, they’ll give a touch of sophistication.

2. Embellish the Seat

Guest chairs are a fun part of the decoration to play with! If rustic charm is your theme, you won’t err with greenery, florals and other ornate elements. This will give the illusion of an outdoor ceremony space – even in a fancy restaurant downtown, or city hall!

3. Make It Outdoor If Possible

Of course, resembling outdoor space is just the second best to an actual outdoor space! If you’re getting married in nice weather, why not take the whole thing outside? An outdoor ceremony followed by a reception outside, a lot of plants and greenery, and heavy wooden tables, will bring your theme to life like nothing else!

4. Use Wood… a Lot of It!

Just like we just mentioned: nothing says rustic like wooden elements found in nature. You can choose from wooden chairs and tables, or even use the actual trees around the space where your reception takes place. For example, hang twinkle lights around the branches! So romantic and effortless.

5. Choose the Right Photographer

Photographer for wedding

Sure, “wedding photographer” is already a niche, but you want to be extra confident that your photographer will make an effort to capture all the tiny and beautiful details you put together with love. To avoid any surprises, it’s necessary to talk to your photographer and communicate your wishes clearly. Best photographers, such as Daniel Griffiths, will work hard to make them come true!

6. Food: Make It Farm-to-Table!

If you want to stick to your theme in all the aspects of the wedding, you’ll also ask your chef to create dishes with a pastoral theme. Perfect it by making an emphasis on local ingredients! Not only will you be supporting small local producers, but the freshness of the produce will affect the freshness and taste of the dishes. Serve food your guests will remember every time they attend another wedding!

7. Serve Drinks Old Fashion

You can cut the cost for waiters, but also make a statement, with a rustic drink cart, where guests will be able to help themselves. Or, if you’re having a reception outside, how about nesting glasses into fresh grass? You can also include hors-d’oeuvres! In that case, of course, you shouldn’t be doing that with delicate dishes that are hard to handle, nor expensive glasses. Finger food works best, as well as heavy vintage glasses.

8. Magic Is in the Details

Charming Rustic Wedding

What’s fun about making a rustic wedding is that you can almost never go overboard with details! For example, you can hang a lot of vintage mirrors around. (And you can tell right away that your guests will love this Instagram-worthy prop.) Wooden branches, small-scale florals on wooden trays, vintage cutlery or figurines from your grandparents’ home – it can all give that taste of something cozy and familiar, yet distant!

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9. The Most Important Detail: The Bouquet

Let’s not forget the most crucial bridal detail you’ll be carrying with you before you say yes and for photo ops! Since your wedding is more on a relaxed side, instead of traditional bouquet flowers, try using dried lavender. It can make a beautiful bouquet, plus, the fragrance you’ll be leaving around is fantastic!

Hope we’ve inspired you with some of our ideas! Just keep in mind: it’s your wedding, it’s supposed to be fun, and whatever works for you – do it! After all, it’s your day. Have fun!

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