9 Ideas to Make Newly Pregnant Women Feel Good About Themselves

Finding out that you’re expecting a child is one of the most exciting things in life, and of course for women it can bring about some conflicting emotions. One one hand, being newly pregnant brings all the anticipation and anxiety of how to cope with your impending arrival, on the other it’s a beautiful new chapter in your life. And, as any woman who has children will tell you, it’s a whole smorgasbord of hormones, physical changes and nausea.

As a great modern guy, you’re probably wondering how you can make your newly pregnant partner feel better about herself. There are plenty of things you can do to take care of her, ease the pressure a bit and generally make her feel extra special. After all, it’s hard work growing a baby inside you!

A Massage

Being pregnant brings lots of changes to the body, not least the extra weight she is carrying. As most women work through the majority of their pregnancy, of course that weight gets heavier and heavier as the due date nears. Asking her if she needs a foot massage, or a gentle back rub will always be a welcome suggestion. Remember to be more gentle than usual and be extra responsive to her feedback, and be mindful of the bump…!

Buy (or pick) her flowers

Having flowers around the home is always a nice touch, and she will be delighted to come home to a fresh bunch of beautiful blooms. After all, what girl doesn’t like having flowers bought for her?

However, as a side note, it’s worth bearing in mind that many women experience a change to their senses while pregnant, and some smells that they once found pleasant may now be horrible. Likewise if she has allergies (such as pollen) they may be heightened when pregnant so bear this in mind. She’ll probably tell you, but you can always ask if she’s noticed any changes to her sense of smell or taste before buying flowers.

Be the helping hand… When she needs it!

Although being pregnant does mean that you carry all that extra weight and you can’t be quite as sprightly as before, it doesn’t mean you’re completely disabled. So although she will appreciate you being there when she needs it, she doesn’t always need you to hold her hand. If she asks, be responsive.

Enjoy the time together

With baby on the way you’ll soon find that your time together becomes precious, so make the most of the pregnancy and find things you can do together. Of course, as she’s pregnant you’ll need to think outside of the box, so no extreme sports, alcohol or dancing all night.

Meals in restaurants, day trips to the beach, a museum or the country, seeing a show at the theater, spending time with friends and even just cuddling up in front of a movie. These are all things that seem very far away once your bundle of joy arrives, so find ways to enjoy the nine months.

Buy her presents

Let’s be honest, indulging your better half is always going to be appreciated, and those brownie points count for double when she’s pregnant. Although chocolates are always a safe bet, getting her things that will make her feel comfortable around the home is an even better idea. A big fluffy dressing gown is a great choice, or a nice pair of wool slippers to ease the strain on her feet and keep her warm in the evenings will be a gift that truly shows how considerate you are.

Books, jewelry, useful tech such as tablets or bluetooth speakers and nice loose fitting clothes are also good. However avoid buying her clothes, especially clothes that go over her bump, without her present.

Cook and clean

Seeing as you’re a modern gentleman, make her a delicious meal at home and then be sure to clean up after. This also is a great way to make the most of that valuable time together (not much time for romantic meals with a toddler around) and to prepare you for having to cook and clean for the family when baby arrives.

Breakfast in bed

If the above option is a bit risky and you’re not the best chef then this is a surefire winner. Letting her put her feet up and lie in and then being presented with fresh pastries or eggs her way, a pot of tea and some fresh fruit – well – that’s a gold star next to your name for at least a day.

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Organize events she can be part of

It can be frustrating for her when you’ve been invited to events that she just wouldn’t feel comfortable at. Late night drinks or days out to music festivals are not ideal as a pregnant woman, so perhaps research some events that she and your friends would like to visit. Picnics in the park, country walks and barbecues are all good ways to make her feel included in the social scene even though she can’t be quite as active as normal.

Tell her she’s beautiful

Because she is of course! But you’ll no doubt hear her say how she feels fat, greasy, tired, nervous and anxious more than once throughout her pregnancy. The best thing you can do is tell her how wonderful she is and how beautiful she looks. Sure she might look tired and have broken out in a rash, but she’s still the beautiful mother of your child. Compliments will always be welcome and even if you do nothing else on this list, make sure you do this one.

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