9 makeup support tool secrets that will change your makeup game!

All girlfriends out there who are makeup beginners, don’t be overwhelmed by the makeup tools you come across on the cosmetic shelves and get confused. From kabuki brushes to face sponges, every tool has its purpose. If you want to achieve the flawless and professional, next level makeup look, here’s a tip for you: You need to own a set of essential makeup tools to conquer that!

Upping the makeup game is easy but it definitely needs a few tweaks, especially in the makeup tools department. It is relatively easy to order eye shadow palettes and lipsticks online but it can be troublesome when you come across ten different styles of brushes, applicators and what not! That is exactly why we are here to help!

Ditch those standard sponges and eye shadow applicators and take a look at what the professionals use instead! Here are 9 makeup tools you must own in order to achieve unique and flawless makeup looks.

Face Foundation Sponge

A face foundation sponge is the best tool you can have if you are a liquid foundation junkie! BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Rectangular Sponges 2 pack is the real deal since it is handy, easily washable as well as user friendly.

The foundation sponge comes in different textures, sizes and shapes but all you need to know is that it helps blend the liquid foundation easily, without leaving fine lines and creases. Stop blending makeup with your hand and go for a foundation sponge.

Foundation Brush

A foundation brush is an alternate for a foundation sponge but meh! If you want to splurge, buy both. The foundation brush has a small head, shaped roundly and flat. It makes the foundation blending easy and creates a professional finish.

Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush is there for those who have oily skin. Since women with oily skin opt for face powder, kabuki brush is the tool which makes application easy. Since powder pads can pat in too much powder on the face and not make it even, the kabuki brush does the opposite of that and makes your skin look matte and powdered to perfection.

Blush Brush

If you see a sloped brush with soft bristles, know it is a blush brush. This brush helps apply an even amount of blush powder as you stroke it diagonally on the cheeks.

Eyebrow Brush

Makeup cannot be complete if you leave out your eyebrows. An eyebrow brush helps define and shape your eyebrows effortlessly since it is angled and small. Use it for eyebrow powder, wax, and even gel.

Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is every girl’s go to even if she wants a natural, nude makeup look. An eyelash curler helps curls lashes perfectly so that you can apply mascara to the perfectly fanned out lashes. Get yourself a high quality lash curler as this tool will be here to stay!


Tweezers should be your favorite makeup tool as they can help define brows, help get rid of chin hair and upper lip hair.

Makeup Remover

There is no better makeup remover than NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make Up 125ml Remover if you are searching for something cost effective. This baby can remove the toughest of eye shadows, lipsticks as well as foundations!

Eye shadow Brushes

Eye brushes are essential. You will need a basic concealer brush, blending brush, cease brush and an overall eye shadow applicator brush.

The crease brush is tapered, round and fluffy while the blending brush is fluffy and soft. The concealer brush is flat and square and the eye shadow applicator brush is shaped either square or round.

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