A Lady of Designs: 6 Sexy Tattoo Placement Ideas for Women

Deciding to get a tattoo is an overwhelming feeling, whether it’s your first one or you have had many before. Indeed, choosing what tattoo to get is difficult enough, but then you also have to consider where to place it, which is usually a harder deal. Especially for women, determining the best location to put a tattoo is admittedly a hard choice.

However, don’t worry that much since this article will guide you about the sexiest places for arts and inks for women. Take a look at this list below:

Inner Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo on the inner wrist is probably one of the favorite places for a piece of art, despite the fact it is usually always on show. You can always view your wrist tattoo, making sure you get the most out of it.

However, it tends to be a significant disadvantage with a lot of employers, so it’s something to remember when considering to get one. Though you can hide it with some long sleeves, if you’re working in a hot setting, this option may not always be advisable. On the other hand, the pain level is moderate, so it’s still an ideal place of tattoo for women.

Collarbone Tattoo

The collarbone is a lovely area on every type of body. Regardless of your frame, whether it’s large or petite, you can enhance your assets and flatter your face with a piece of collarbone tattoo. For the most flexibility, choose for a small design that expresses you.

A zodiac symbol, crescent moon, or a horseshoe can be hidden by a chunky necklace, turtleneck or scarf whenever you want to hide your ink. Remember that this location can be a bit delicate depending on what you prefer to ink, so ensure to work with your favorite artist to come up with a design that’s suitable for you.

Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo is another choice that women usually choose when getting inked. They sometimes want to place it on the back of their shoulders or even at the top of the shoulders, tracing down.

This tattoo concept will most likely not as painful as some of the other body locations, yet it’s still a very feminine spot to have a tattoo. It’s especially true if the arrangement is on the tip of your shoulder while trailing downward.

Mid-Back Tattoo

Forget those tramp stamps and boast your defined and strong back with a script tattoo design placed beneath your bra line to emphasize your feminine curves. In addition to that, you can opt for black ink rather than colorful designs for a touch of edginess. Some script designs involve famous poems, romantic sentiments, or Bible verses.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of body modification and you want to add a sense of sexiness to your style, a corset piercing can help you complete your look. Further, for boudoir-inspired tattoos, consider something provocative like bows, lockets, hearts, skeleton keys, daggers, French fonts, or chains.

Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos are one of the most famous concepts of tattoos for women. Not only they are in a slightly hidden location, but they also look amazingly hot when matched with heels and wedges.

The advantage of choosing an ankle tattoo is that you can opt for a big or a small piece. There is no limit, but one of the favorite ankle tattoos is the ankle bracelet ideas. Indeed, you will surely look sexier having ankle tattoos, especially on slippers and sandals.

Back of Neck Tattoo

Another delicate part of a woman’s body is the back of their neck. It’s also a discreet place for a tattoo placement and looks appealing when the wearer’s hair is pulled up into a bun or ponytail.

Also, it’s best to opt for tattoos that are not too wild or large as this will lead to unnecessary attention and can make your neck look weird or manly. Indeed, this simple, adorable, yet reasonably detailed tattoo on the back of the neck is a beautiful idea.

To Sum It Up

When a woman thinks of getting a tattoo, she usually considers the body location that would flaunt her feminine assets, however, determining the right place for a tattoo is as essential as choosing the ideal design. Admittedly, not all placements will suit the same tattoo type, so pick it wisely according to a concept you want to have.

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