A Better Acquaintance About the Awnings Will Result in Better Choice

The primary purpose for the use of awnings is to save you from the rains and sun’s glare and heat apart from the protection from the harmful UV rays that are mostly the cause of skin cancer. Therefore, if you want comfort in the warm summer days installing these in your home is the best choice but for that you will need to make the right choice according to your requirement. These shades come in different shape, styles, designs, fabric and material along with different operational features. Therefore, you will need to analyze it all and finally choose what is best suited for you.

It is very important that you buy shades that are durable and sturdy as these will be attached to the exterior of your house and they will face harsh weather conditions continually. Ideally, you get these awnings in temporary as well as permanent structures, and now you can easily choose the best quality awnings as per your needs.

Different Types of Awnings Available in the Market:

Retractable Awnings

  • Retractable Awnings– These are the ones that you can easily roll and fold up when not in use. Due to this flexible nature these are mostly favored by homeowners.
  • Motorized Awnings– These are very easy and convenient to use and install as compared to the manual retractable awnings, but they are quite expensive than other types of awnings. You can easily operate these awnings with a remote control system.
  • Portable Awnings– These types of shades are easy to move from one place to another but may not be as sturdy as the other variants. You can install them in your garden or backyard to conduct any small BBQ party and afterward, you can fold them to store in your house or garage.
  • Stationary Awnings– These are the ones that are permanently attached to the door or your windows. These are very strong, stable and sturdy and can withstand rain, winds and shine. These can be customized and fitted to any oddly shaped deck as well.
  • Window Covers– These are specially designed covers that will prevent direct sunlight from entering your house. You can get motorized, stationary or retractable window covers and install them to add elegance to the interiors of your house.

Things to Know About Different Kind of Materials of Awnings


Apart from the types of these shades and covers you should also know about the different kinds of fabrics, different treatment techniques of these awnings to make the right choice. Ideally, there are two types of fabrics used to make these awnings and that include:

  • Polyester– This fabric has the property to withstand weathering, blocking the UV rays, allowing some sunlight to pass through it. These awnings can be easily maintained by simply wiping it down.
  • Cotton– This is the most traditional material used for manufacturing awning and are known for its inherent strength and durability factors. These are water resistant and can be washed in your washing machine.

Now is the time to know about the optional features of the awnings. You can buy a retractable awning with a bare bone model or with additional functionality and features to make it easier to use. You can choose the motorized ones that can be operated with a switch or a remote control. Apart from that you can choose some other type of awnings which have wind, rain and sun sensors, weather guard covers. Even you can also choose the awnings with different designs or operational modes such as full cassette ones, semi cassette one, open awning or with a cover board.

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