Is bottled water safer or better than tap water?

Is bottled water safer or better than tap water? Many people have often asked this question but only very few known the real difference or the truth.

Bottled water is regulated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). According to FDA there are six types of bottled water and they are spring water, purified water, mineral water, artesian water and well water. The water filled in PET bottles can be glacial water or right from your next door tap.

If you are a regular user of bottled water then you should know that occasionally bottled water also carries contaminants like MTBE, which comes from commercial fertilizer. Other contaminations found in bottled water includes Coliform Bacteria, HPC bacteria, Nitrate, Arsenic, Trihalomethanes and Phthalate.

This has caused a major concern as these contaminants are harmful enough to cause cancer and other fatal diseases that can lead to death in infants, adults and old aged people.

Bottled water is a huge business with multi-million dollar profits. The largest market in the world is the United States where 26 billion liters of bottled water was consumed in 2004.
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Some of the big brands of bottled water include Alpine by Crystal Geyser, Aqua Fina, Roxane Spring Water, Aqua Hydrate, Evian, UCLA Spring Water, Dasani, Nestle Pure Life etc.

There are no basic categories of bottled water and they are carbonated and non-carbonated. Carbonated water is also known as soda water and is made by dissolving carbon dioxide in plain water. Non-carbonated water is basically plain water, glacial water or mineral water.

But the truth is that most of the big advertisements and tall claims that you will get to hear from any of the bottled water companies are more like false promises. In a recent study NRDC tested these waters and found contaminants.

These are not the kind of contaminants that you will find in an actual spring water or glacial water. These contaminants exist very much in your city and in your neighborhood.

The second most startling fact is that there are not enough springs for bottled water companies to use, so where do they find their water from? The bottled water is nothing more than your regular tap water or distilled water, which goes through different types of tests before it is bottled.

The question: why do the bottled water companies make such tall claims? Because if they didn’t, you would never buy the water and it would have never become a multi-million dollar business. So basically, bottled water companies have made it big at the cost of your health.

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You would probably ask: is there an alternative? Yes! There is an alternative and it is the aquasana drinking water filter that can filter 99% of the impurities and harmful elements and bacteria from your water to make it healthy and safe for drinking.

If you are traveling, you can always fill some bottles with the filtered water and take it along. It is a much better option than buying bottled water from the nearest gas station or supermarket.

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