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Christmas brings happiness in our lives in many ways. We celebrate Christmas in many ways. We party with our friends and go to the Churches to pray.

We have brought Christmas nail art which you should try this Christmas. And you can’t afford to miss this out. So what are you waiting for go get started and find which suits you more.

Try these easy and beautiful nail arts to get famous around your college group or colleagues.

The very first nail art comes into our list is so sensual and so sexy.

Nail Art for Girls

Dark cherry red nail colour to give a sexy glance to the nails and to match with Santa’s coat too is so in this Christmas. With the glittered nail paint make a snake like design which resembles to the Christmas tree and add a holly star on top of your tree.

The second design which falls on our list is elegant but very beautiful.

Nail Design - WeeklyWoo

Decorate your nails with some snow and silver glitter. Make sure to apply the natural coloured base and after completing the design cover with protecting/transparent nail paint.

Holly leaves with cherries are everyone’s favourite and gives very piece to the eyes in Christmas. So here we have brought the *holly leaves* for you on your nails.

Nail Art for Girls

Decorate your nails this Christmas with white glitter nail paint and make some holly leaves on it and make some cherries in between.

Yeeppiieee! Snow man.

Nail Art for Girls

Give your nails a beautiful look by making snow man on them. Snow men are all time favourite in winters of all. Team up the snow man on your nails with red and silver glittered nail paints and add some Christmas snow over it.

Fifth to lift….

Nail Art for Girls

Some in red some silver….

Decorate our nails with red glitter and silver glitter nail paints. Trace the Christmas snow on it and paste small stones on it. The look will be perfect for a Christmas party.

Yah! Santa is here, with me.

Nail Art for Girls

Yes I am right by this design you can have Santa on your nail.

First you have to do is, to pint your nails with red nail paint but on your middle finger paint it just half, because you have to make Santa on it. Paint your upper part of nails with white colour and make a dividing line between them with silver glitter. Make Santa on your middle finger. But yah! Don’t forget to keep your Santa clean otherwise the real Santa won’t give you the gift. HOHOHOHOHO!

Gift pack look this Christmas for your nails.

Nail Art for Girls

Decorate your nails cleanly with red and silver glittered nail paints and then make a gifting ribbon design on it with red.

Santa’s coat- Wear it on your nails on this Christmas.

Nail Art for Girls

HOHOHOHOHO! My coat is on your nail…. (Says Santa)

Design your nails with Santa’s coat and be the party Santa of your Party.

Wow! I love red.

Nail Art for Girls

Crazy about red? Here is a Christmas design for you to rock this Christmas. Apply red cherry coloured nail paint on your nail and decorate it with white polka dots and some Christmas snow design.

The last but not least in our Christmas nail art list is *Santa’s Hat*.

Nail Art for Girls

Paint your nails with red glittered nail paint but don’t paint your third finger of both hands. Cover your upper part of the nail with white colour of the nail paint and then make Santa’s hat over it as shown in the picture. Make the ball of the hat with white colour and give it a finish look with the tpo coat.

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