Diving Equipment & Materials to Keep with You Before Entering the Deep Sea

Do you want to enter a new and wonderful world? Do you like the nature and the sense of peace and tranquility? Fascinate you the new challenges and adventures? If so, one of the most interesting sports you can do is diving. With it you will discover a universe that is within reach of your hand but that we do not usually see or appreciate many times.

Do not play like crazy:

The sea world is a continuous flow of surprises and wonders that you can only appreciate if you submerge yourself in it. But be careful, you cannot and should not do it anyway, you should receive at least a minimum instruction and know the proper diving equipment to have no problem and enjoy with total safety.

Material for diving. The essentials:

Before entering the deep sea, you must know and familiarize yourself with the basic material to practice diving. Within the sportswear, diving suits are one of the most complete and sophisticated elements, which sometimes also comes at a price. The first thing you should know is the distinction between light or basic equipment (suit, fins and glasses) and the autonomous (air pump, fuller mask, watches, knives, …), which will be the one that allows you a deeper and more prolonged immersion.

Light equipment. The essential to submerge yourself:

In aquatic baptisms, it is possible for monitors to first familiarize you with essential elements such as fins, with which you will gain great speed under water, or glasses with or without a tube, with which you will become accustomed to breathing not by using your nose, as we do it normally, but rather, using the mouth. That may sound odd to you, but you’ll have to get used to it if you want to get into the diving world.

Elements you need

#1. Diving suit:

As you have already imagined, diving, besides giving you greater mobility and aerodynamics in the water, has the function of avoiding that you suffer a hypothermia that could even lead you to death, depending on where you are diving. There are three fundamental types: wet, semi dry and dry.

  1. Wet facts: They are made of neoprene, but they are not very different from those used in other sports like rafting. They will isolate you from the cold and the damp, but not completely, which is why they would be advisable for temperate temperatures and for limited depths. They can be two pieces or short.
  2. Semi-dry suits: They are also composed of neoprene, but incorporate more elements to ensure their tightness in both wrists and ankles. They are a bit more resistant and recommended for somewhat lower temperatures and greater depths.
  3. Dry suits: They are the most complete and professional, but also the most expensive. They are made with more efficient materials that allow your body is not in contact with water, with which you can keep your body temperature better and avoid hypothermia. You can also wear them over another type of thermal underwear.

#2. The glasses or masks:

The function of the glasses is, first of all, you can see without problems underwater, something essential in diving. Protect your eyes and nose from all kinds of particles. You should try them out first for warm assures that they fit you perfectly and that they are totally watertight. They can incorporate a tube to breathe or snorkel thanks to which you can dive to the height of the surface and go breathing with him. This will be a very recommendable exercise before you submerge yourself completely, because with it, besides giving you an idea of ​​everything you will find under water, you will learn to breathe only through the mouth.

#3. Fins:

This is the other element of basic equipment. When you put them on your feet you will look like a penguin on the ground, but with them you will get a great speed under water. There are several designs, sizes and materials, as well as various types of adjustments, which is why you have to choose the ones that suit you best or that suit your style of diving.

Autonomous equipment. Throw yourself into the depths:

So far, we have seen the basic equipment for diving, which will allow you a first contact with the diving world. But what would divers do without the air pump, the diving shoes, a good knife, or some good boots?

A. Bottles of compressed air: The air bottles are the great stars of this sport. They evolved from those heavy and big ones of the old to the lightest and most comfortable ones of the present time. They are filled with compressed air, or also with enriched air or nitrox and, through a valve, will allow you to breathe under water and to enjoy to the maximum of all the submarine treasures, from colorful fish to shipwrecks, passing through a rich flora Natural. You can find it with capacities from 5 to 18 liters and with a stand of bars from 230 to 300. All of them must undergo periodic reviews and must be properly marked and labeled, as well as be kept in protected places where they do not suffer the effects high temperatures.

B. Hydrostatic vest: This type of vests holds, with a harness, the bottle to your back. It incorporates a tube of air that will give you buoyancy and with it you will feel like a real diver. It can inflate or deflate according to your desire or needs.

C. Accessories: Sometimes they are just as important as the basics. In many places, they force you to dive with a knife, because with it you can cut dangerous drifting cables, algae or other elements that you can find. It is also interesting to have a diving watch, a flashlight, a horn to warn another diver or even an inflatable buoy. Do not forget the diving boots that will protect your feet from the cold and rub them with fins or other elements. Another accessory is the leather jackets, you can also keep it with you for your additional safety and protection.

Remember, diving is a great activity, but you must practice it with knowledge, with the right equipment and following all the security measures because you will be in an environment that is not usual for you and where many surprises can arise.

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