Eight factors of triumph to dominate your mind


Knowing you from head to toe, inside and out, will allow you to control your reactions and relate appropriately to the world. Also, knowing you perfectly allows you to measure your talent, know your limitations and enhance your skills. An excellent tool to know you better and maintain a physical and mental balance? Meditate every morning.


You need an impulse to reach the goal. For many it would be recognition, for others personal satisfaction, in other cases family or children; whatever the case, you need to cultivate these motivators.


We can focus on one word: mindfulness. Focus on what really matters and what benefits you, stop rejecting efforts and seek to create opportunities. The concentration acts on the laser targets, the accelerator of efforts and the radar of opportunities.

Emotional balance

Yes, once again, emotional intelligence. This directly influences the opportunity radar, the target laser and the risk indicator.


What is the use of knowing too many things if you do not use them strategically? It is not about knowing or learning what is most possible, it is sought that what is learned is fruitful for the day to day. Make sure that everything you learn can be executed and used for your own benefit. Memory impacts all five tools.


The art of endurance: the brain of a winner recovers from the challenges of life in the face of deficiencies, errors and failures, whether self-generated or the product of circumstances. The winners reformulate the failures to work for their benefit, and know that when things do not go as planned, the trip has not necessarily come to an end. In fact, failure usually hides a new opportunity.


It is the ability of the brain to constantly renew itself to face new circumstances. Exercise your brain!

Care of the brain

The good functioning of the brain also depends on how we take care of it, that is: to give it an adequate diet, constant physical activity, reading and daily learning, a restful sleep, among other habits.

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And you, what do you do to master your brain? What are your tips to improve each brain tool?

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