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Your brain is the key to success! We show you the tools that will allow you to master it to reach your goals.

Have you ever wondered how Google became the giant that it is today? How did Mark Zuckerberg go from being a prominent student to a business genius? What would you think if we told you that the key to success-the one that allowed Google and Zuckerberg to consolidate in the business world-is within your reach and has to do with your ability to master your brain?

It is not a joke. The brain of a successful person is not characterized only by having a high coefficient. John Coates, a specialist in cognitive and behavioral neurology at the University of Cambridge, says that the success of an individual is not related to his IQ or the circumstances surrounding it.

In his book The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk Taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust , Coates refers to “the effect of the winner”, a brain process that works like osmosis, reinforcing the secretion of hormones of success and failure, that is, of testosterone and cortisol.

According to the specialist, testosterone is related to the state of euphoria perceived by the brain when it comes to taking risks, which prompts him to react positively when he finds himself under a lot of pressure or facing imminent risks. This allows us to perform better and thus have the confidence to achieve the objectives.

So, if we can relate success to self-inflicted mental processes, what can we do to master our brain and turn it into a powerful weapon that leads us to our goals?

Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent also assure that it is a myth that the winners are born gifted for success. In his book The brain of the winner. 8 strategies of great minds to achieve success, the authors indicate that there are five tools that are available to all, and that allow you to master the mind.

Five tools of intellectual ability

1. Radar of opportunities

The mind works in a surprising way. When a person feels sure of himself-a necessary condition for success-he is in charge of playing for his own benefit, that is, he makes the most appropriate decisions to guarantee personal satisfaction and security.

The opportunities radar consists of detecting the precise solutions that allow you to find innovative solutions to the problems.

2. Optimal risk indicator

Every action carries a risk. Success stems from facing risks throughout life, but with due care: the brain also seeks protection and stability. Given this, it is important that you identify your comfort zone to get out of it, but at the same time that you are bold, look for prudence. Finding a balance is an art.

3. Goal laser

Likewise, every person who yearns for success has goals. The laser of goals consists of having your own goals, but above all, of taking them from the level of the unrealizable to the achievable projects, which can be realized with a constant effort. It is very important to renew your goals every certain period, and to establish measurement methods.

4. Effort accelerator

It’s simple: what motivates you? Your incentives are called accelerators, because they are responsible for giving you the boost you need to do everything you set out to do. Feed each inducement so that it becomes more powerful.

5. Talent meter

Be sure to measure the risks before making the jump. This does not mean that if something represents a greater risk you abandon it, but you do know what you can and cannot do. Knowing your own limits and working on them is one of the tools that will allow you to approach success.

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