“Entrepreneurs”, or the owners of their own future

Life is the result of constant decision making. The good things that are around you are there because of the good decisions made, and the “bad” things are the result of bad decisions… nothing in your life is a matter of chance.

Among those multiple decisions that you must take in your life there is a very important one: to be or not to be an entrepreneur. A dilemma that many resolve without even knowing the great influence of this decision on their future.

Let’s start by defining what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is an ordinary person, like you or me, with 3 main characteristics:

  1. He has absolutely clear what he wants to do (and what he does not)
  2. He dedicates all his energies and efforts in doing what he wants to do
  3. He wants to change the world for good

Let’s talk in detail about each of these characteristics.

1. An entrepreneur is absolutely clear about what he wants to do (and what he does not)

He left his university studies at Harvard to make a product that “nobody needed” – Bill Gates

Is not it the dream of many not to enter Harvard and graduate to get a high position? Well, this is not what Bill Gates wanted for his life. The young entrepreneur knew that his future was far from the halls of Harvard and his studies would be nothing more than an obstacle on the way to his dream, and he did not think twice about leaving university to pursue what he really wanted to do.

An entrepreneur is aware of their tastes, their passions, their ideals, their goals, their dreams, it is perfectly clear what their mission is.

2. An entrepreneur devotes all his energies and efforts in doing what he wants to do

Entrepreneurship is not a part-time activity, true entrepreneurs are able to renounce anything that interferes with their ideals.

Many entrepreneurs have the first characteristic, that is, they know perfectly well what they want to do, but they never achieve their dreams because they lack this second characteristic. They think that they can start a business in the evenings while in the morning they dedicate themselves to their employment thinking of this as their “lifeline” in case their business fails.

“Close your eyes and ask yourself: What I am undertaking or what I would like to undertake is something I would be willing to fail? If the answer is no better, do not go ahead”

Entrepreneurship requires all your energies and efforts.

3. An entrepreneur wants to change the world for good

I do not think many entrepreneurs start their businesses with the idea of ​​making a lot of money. Most entrepreneurs feel they can create something that makes a difference in people’s lives – that’s how they start their businesses. – Richard Branson

In several books, entrepreneurship is associated with money, which I consider to be a totally erroneous assessment. As Richard Branson says. If we look at some stories of successful entrepreneurs we will find passions, dreams and ideals, but money itself was not a priority, although there are also exceptions.

The great entrepreneurs know that their mission is much more than filling their pockets, they know that the world needs them to evolve… in the entrepreneurs there is the future.

You can not be a true entrepreneur when your ideals seek to do evil or only seek their own benefit.

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Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

The vast majority consider entrepreneurs as people with “super powers”, this belief is perhaps the biggest lie that has ever been said. Not even the greatest geniuses in history have been born with 2 brains, or the best runners have 3 lungs… so what makes them special? The answer is absolutely nothing, but there are 5 factors that are found in all (or at least most) successful entrepreneurs:

  • They accept responsibility for their actions
  • They learn from mistakes
  • They are perseverant
  • They have self confidence
  • They know how to work in a team

None of these characteristics is considered as an “innate talent”, each one of them can be developed with discipline, in conclusion we are all potential entrepreneurs and now the question is: Why do only a small part of the population manage to fulfill their dreams? The answer is found in our development and growth.

Have you seen elephants in a circus? They are reckless animals capable of knocking down the circus tent with their enormous strength, however a trained elephant will hardly try to flee, and this is because when he was a young and weak little elephant, he tied a leg with a strong rope to a large tree. As the tree is stronger than the little elephant, it pulls and pulls trying to free itself, but because it is small, it can not, and it ends up being exhausted, it gets frustrated, and it learns not to shoot because it is totally useless. Then, when he is older, it is enough to tie the back leg of the elephant to a simple chair, and he will stay still, without moving, because he has learned that any effort is useless.

Is not an Elephant able to move a chair? Of course! And much more! However, he gives up before trying because he has “learned” that life is hard and that when you tie your back leg, it is useless to try it because you can not get it. And yet the elephant has the ability to move the chair and be free to go anywhere… but prefers to surrender before trying and is tied as a slave, a simple chair.

Like circus elephants, all people, without exception, are possessed of unique abilities, but the “cords” of fear of failure keep us tied and prevent us from risking to do what we really like.

Do not stay “tied to a chair”, pull hard and you will see everything you can achieve.

Making the decision to be or not to be an entrepreneur

You already know what an entrepreneur is and you know that we are all potential entrepreneurs, now the question is do you really want to be an entrepreneur?

The life of an entrepreneur is a life without rest, it is a life where you have hundreds or thousands of looks criticizing what you do and waiting for you to take a false step to see you fall and say: “I told you!”, A life where failure is easier than succeeding… but do you want me to tell you something? The life of an entrepreneur is a worthwhile life, it is the only life in which you own your time and where you have the possibility of owning your own future, it is a life full of passion where every day there is a reason to continue fighting, it is a life in which you really feel full because you are doing what you really like.

“If you want to be rich, happy and successful you just have to dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about”

If you are undecided about this decision, I invite you to answer these 5 questions:

  • Do you have clear your abilities, dreams, ideals, passions?
  • Are you willing to give all of you to fulfill your most desired dreams?
  • Even if everyone around you thinks that what you want to do could turn out badly, would you?
  • In case of failure in what you undertake, would you try again as many times as necessary?
  • Do you like to embark on new adventures willing to learn from the multiple experiences (positive or negative) you experience?

Yes you answered affirmatively to all the questions, or most of them, do not think about it anymore, your destiny is to undertake!

You have 2 options: undertake and fully dedicate yourself to meet your goals or let yourself be guided by your fears and end up living a life you did not want … the decision is yours! But remember the wise words of Steve Jobs (RIP):

“Your time is limited. Do not despise living someone else’s dream”

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