Exclusive Services That Are Rendered By Powder Coating Companies

It is a special kind of industrial coating which is applied in the form of free moving dry type of coloring agent or powder. The prime difference between conventional liquid and dry powder coating is the feature that powder coating needs no solvent for its binders and fillers to keep in suspension. Another major factor is that coating is applied on the object electrostatically based on statical electricity. It needs heating after powder coating for the purpose of curing the powder painting formed as a “skin “. The powder is of two categories namely, thermoplastic and thermostatic type based on the type of polymer in use.

What Is The Chief Application Of Powder Coating?

Powder coating is primarily applied on metallic objects like aluminum extrusions, house hold appliances, and drum hardware as well as automobile and cycle parts. This coating is even applied to various other kind of material such as medium density fibreboard, MDF by applying different technology.

Powder Coating In Thick Layers As Opposed To Traditional Liquid Coating:

Powder coating can result to a thicker coating compared to the conventional liquid coating without any side effect of running or sagging. As no evaporation of carrier fluid occurs in this process, this coating process contributes minimal emission of volatile compounds, VOC. Moreover, multiple layers of different color effect can be made on the object that is painted prior to curing them all layers together. As the thickness of coating is reduced, it can offer   more and more orange peel like texture on account of finer sizes of the particles and glass transition temperature of the powder. There have also been innovations regarding the auto parts that might reduce carbon footprints that also give rise to significant change in energy consumption.

Powder Coating Companies: What Are The Factors To Keep In Mind While You Contact Them?

Some of the companies can offer state of the art technology termed as “Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun” with control unit which can result to remarkable quality of painting. This technology applies centrifugal force which ensures the following features:

  • uniformity and deep penetration of the powder paint
  • spraying fineness
  • higher transfer efficiency
  • easy application
  • easy adjustment
  • higher productivity
  • excellent quality of finish

Technical Features

Powder Coating Companies

Multiple type of coating powder can be sprayed by means of a high-power Gallant auto gun on various profiles including tubular shaped, flat or high volume components. There is a rapid growth that is now marking the powder coating market and it is driven by the development of new raw materials, formulations and advancement of new powder coating products. This spray gun is designed and being introduces specifically for painting objects to achieve intensive production at a higher volume. It can be use by multiple styles like:

  • Stationary positioned
  • Mounted on a reciprocating device and
  • Oscillator

This power coating gun facility is manufactured using for high quality heat resistant material and with advanced technology. It follows the quality norms and standards matching the requirements by the industries. Powder coating machine control panel can also be included as part of the oscillation process. Powder coating booth: The cabin is a closed type with provision of cyclone separator for powder dust collection and recovery. It contains enough space to accommodate the size of the item to be powder coated. It has in built power and instrument control facilities. It is very minor dust emission and is environment friendly. Automatic reciprocator devise is also provided by reputed companies complete with separate control panel and power supply system.

It is superior to solvent based liquid coating. There is a great competition in dry coating business and high-quality finish is the desired requirement by the clients.

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