Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Window treatments are more than simply a dressing. It’s an art. And like art, inspiration is required to complete a space “generously” through window treatments. How one goes about their window treatment choices speaks volumes and a space can either be enhanced or sorely displaced should the wrong application be made. The impact also lives further than a window treatment and can lead into all sorts of unforeseen expenses should the decision be an inaccurate one. Some window basics need to be considered and applied, after-which all flair and creativity can play a decadent and fun role.

Sit down and look around

A very simple “method to the madness” of window treatment selection can be seen in simply sitting down to truly consider the space. When doing so, look at the room, its functionality, its lighting and the overall ambiance you are looking to “invite” into the space. Think beyond the room’s internal need and consider the external environment too. Basics like whether protection from neighbors peeking in or the need for natural light are very relevant considerations in your selection process. The reverse needs to be considered too and in respect of blocking out a room from sunlight to ensure better sleep environment or noise penetration and weather patterns. Yes window treatments can impact more than the aesthetic.

How to get the window treatment right

If professional décor consultants cannot be afforded, don’t be limited. There is an extremely broad range of interior design books that can be perused to explore window treatments. When not time poor, get to a book store, get a coffee and perch into a seat. The process and options can be fun and inexpensive. Many DIY ideas work with restoring what you may already own or, finding inexpensive though great looking window treatment options which reside in the well-considered pages of an interior décor book.

If you understand the end finish you’re looking for, the start is to work it back into the actual placement of furniture, accessories and art together with room lighting and their fittings. Then choose a treatment that best fits. It could be simple fabric drapes, light bamboo blinds, heavy baroque curtains, half tint window decals finished with a light fabric Venetian blind.

Windows can be an expensive exercise too for the more elaborate application like a padded bullnose with decadent fringe and loungey mounted tie backs. If children and family spend a lot of time in the space you are working with, window treatments need to be sensitized to whether its kid safe, pet friendly, reading and homework conducive, privately tucked away from the private eye. Weather plays an increasingly important role with insulation of actual windows determining the treatment of choice. Does one need to keep wind, rain, cold, and lighting from entering a room or not? These are factors that come into play too when considering window treatments.

Alternate Window treatments

Often window treatments are considered simply to protect a window but art and design can enhance the value of the home and space when considering selling or letting to a new tenant. So an investment in stained glass window treatments, for example, should not an exclusion but can be an enhancer to the actual value of the home. When considering window treatments, owners should look beyond the obvious needs pertaining to lighting, view, privacy, noise, interior design etc. and factor in property value. In taking the view of investment when spending on window treatments, it’s suggested to take time, to save and to consult professionals or to conduct one’s own research when deciding on how to ideally opt for window treatments. It’s a fun, creative process and should not be approached from a place of mediocrity.

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