Fast autumn hairstyles with the spiral hair gum

If things need to be done quickly, you can only conjure up these two stylish hairstyles with the help of a spiral hair gum.

We love hairstyles that look elaborate but are made super fast! Especially if we only need one accessory: a spiral hair elastic (eg from Invisibobble). We will show you step by step how to conjure a casual braided updo and an elegant waterfall hairstyle.

The Dutch Dutt braid

Now, if you’re wondering what this wild mix is, we can tell you, that’s exactly what it sounds like! The cool thing about this variant of the Dutch braid: the combo with a casual bun. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Bend your head forward and brush your hair (over head) thoroughly. Now divide the upper layer of hair (that is, the hair that usually lies on the neck) into three parts and braid tightly along the head upwards.
  2. Take the remaining hair up to a ponytail and fix with the spiral hair elastic. Toss ponytail a bit, screw it loosely into a dumpling and put tips in the hair tie. If the bun is too loose, fix it with a few hairpins. Voilà, finished with the casual wicker look!

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Elegant waterfall braid

This look suits the office as well as the party. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Optionally, with a curling iron, gently wave the hair to make it more beautiful.
  2. Then cut off a hair section to the left and right of the temple, screw it in and bring it together at the back of the head.
  3. Fix with a thin spiral hair rubber (eg Invisibobble Slim). Take a thin strand of hair from the main hair and wrap it around the rubber as a mini-bun.

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