Find Out How to Initiate a Debt Settlement Startup

When you are neck-deep in debt it is quite natural for you to miss timely debt repayments. Once you start faltering your credit is bound to be destroyed. You know that today, numerous households in the U.S.A. are under heavy debt burden and many of you have no clue how to get out of this perpetual cycle of debt.

If you are thinking of a startup, you could think in terms of a debt settlement startup. Credit card debt seems to be a huge issue in the U.S.A. Moreover, the average people hardly have any concrete financial education about debt management and debt relief techniques. The interest rates are skyrocketing and as a result of which numerous uninformed Americans would be paying off their business and personal debts for a pretty long time.

Fortunately, there has been a sudden wave of innovative financial startups in the last few years. Right from innovative money software to amazing investing apps, entrepreneurs are coming up with incredible financial services. Many enterprising young professionals have come up with financial startups that specialize in debt settlement. These startups are effectively finding ways to assist the Americans to get out of debt. This could be a wonderful business for you as it is definitely recession-proof. Moreover, you could claim a certain percentage of the client’s debt that is settled as your fee. This implies that more debt would mean more earning for you from your clients. Here are a few things you could do to start a debt settlement business.

Start Working at a Reputed Debt Settlement Company

If you wish to find out how to proceed, it is best to find out the actual picture by joining a debt settlement firm. You could pick up some trade secrets and learn some business tricks before starting on your own. Browse through debt settlement reviews for getting a clearer perspective.

Obtain All Relevant Licenses

There are some laws that specifically point out that it is mandatory to obtain a license before you start any debt settlement negotiation. You may get in touch with a reliable backend company that may meet all legal formalities on your behalf in the initial phase of your business. However, if you are not interested in the backend companies, you may consider consulting an attorney for getting all the requisite licenses.

Go for Accreditation

You could opt for becoming an accredited member of regional or national debt settlement organizations. This would be lending more credibility to your ability as a professional negotiator. All your clients could rely on you and feel confident about your capability. You must necessarily be a qualified and certified debt professional. The certifications go a long way in creating and building trust.


You must hire an attorney to create a perfect client agreement with absolutely no legal loopholes. Once you have launched your startup you need to build your company’s website and start an official blog for promoting your services and to build credibility and trust. You may even consider contacting referral sources such as lenders, bankers, and real estate agents etc. who are used to dealing with volumes of customers who may be requiring your expertise in debt settlement. Do some active promotion for your startup and you are good to go.

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