Five Best Ways to Decorate Your Home and Office using Salt Lamps

Do you want a unique touch to several places at your home? If that was shaking of head, then unveil new ways to decorate your house with our guidelines.

A Himalayan pink salt lamp tosses around beautiful hues while personalizing any space. It offers more than a great ambiance by glowing away and radiating good vibes. To absorb most of the benefits the lamp offers other than just visual appeal, you need to place it at a point where you spend most of your hours near.

There are various unique spots and ways which can help you to transform your house into heaven. Other than placing the lamps inside your house, you can try placing them at the entrance of your house which will outpour your creativity and styling sense. This article covers five ways which will surely dig out maximum grace from the lamp to surface an elegant exterior.

#1. Redefine the corners:

Well, if you want to accumulate praises for your sense of interior designing from your guest, then never leave the corners of your space unattended. Whether it is a corner of hallway, foyer, unoccupied corners of your room or the edge of stairs, you need to make some of those spaces alive. Place the lamp simply at the corners as that reflects innovation on your part. If you don’t prefer to place the lamp without a table, then get a small rounded wooden table and grab any decorative item along which is dear to you while pairing it up with the elegant salt lamp. Make it more noticeable and let it fill in the meaning on its own!

#2. Pair the lamp with candles:

If you want to accentuate the calming radiance the lamp scatters, then pair it up with some candles. They are the perfect companions of the lamps and can take the environment to a completely new level. Couple the lamp with another inspiring element as well as your journal. Inspiration will get reflected as orange radiance will be sufficient for motivation. Transform any dull space into a purposeful one. Your shelves and mantelpieces deserve attention so place the salt lamps there. Buy salt lamps with more concrete shapes like pyramids as they shout off innovation. Grab a wire basket with it for a finishing touch and you are good to go!

#3. Fill glow in your bedroom:

After a dog-tired day, all you need is a bedroom which could shower the maximum possible comfort. So why not couple the reason of comfort with decoration? Create a magical sensual environment of your bedroom where it can do justice with the role of a rosy decorator. Faint lighting and the warm glow are what the lamp will offer if placed on your side tables.  If your bedside table is already preoccupied with side lamps then don’t bother but just place the salt lamp next to the floor. Resting those lamps on the floor will help your room to surface a dynamic look which will make anyone adore it. Get going and ornate your sacred sleeping space creatively.

#4. Recreate a great ambiance in living room:

Salt lamp acts a complete package as it offers much more than any decorative item. It guarantees to seep away positive ions which your technology is sure to produce! Place it next to sofas where you don’t mind spending hours at. The salt lamp is extremely versatile in appearance as they complement any interior. Whether the style of your interior is mid-century modern or contemporary, the salt lamp promises the adaption.

You should also place the lamp near a reading nook and relish the cozy feel you will experience. This décor will forcefully grab your attention, as the warm gentle glow steals away appreciation every moment. After a long day of work, you deserve a great read in a soothing environment created by the lamp.

#5. Get productive at Office:

Ever imagined that even your working place can offer relaxation? No right! But this magic is possible with the salt lamps. Create a comfortable atmosphere at offices and drag maximum productivity from yourself. The bold yellow light will gift a stylish outlook, when placed in your conference hall or at the individual desk.

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