Foreign Reality Shows Verses Indian Reality Shows

Some Indian reality shows are the concept taken from the U.S. They taken as it is or Indian producers introduce some changes in the concept. Some reality shows are those which followed by many countries, like ‘Got Talent’, ‘The Voice’ etc. Every country has their concept based shows and some ideas are for world wide. Like the famous show of India in the field of dance is ‘DID’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is the concept used by most of countries.

Our blog here is about comparing of the winners of foreign and Indian if these reality shows.

# The Voice U.S and India Season 1-

Winner of U.S series 1st was ‘Josh Kaufman’ was the public favorite and saved by public many times. Now he is doing all the singing stuff.

Josh Kaufman

The songs originally sung by him in 2016-

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. The World
  3. Digging Deep
  4. All I Ask
  5. Paycheck

Winner of Indian series 1st was ‘Pawandeep Rajan’ he is now singing for garwali films.

Pawandeep Rajan

The songs originally sung by him in 2016-

  1. Main Hoon Chholyar
  2. Main Hoon Chholyar Sad.

# American Idol 1 and Indian Idol 1-

Winner of American Idol 1st was ‘Kelly Clarkson’, she gave birth a son o April 2016.

Kelly Clarkson

The song sung by her recently was-

  1. Run Run Run(2015)
  2. All I Ask of You(2015)
  3. Invincible(2015)
  4. Heartbeat Song(2015)
  5. Piece By Piece(2015)

Winner of Indian Idol 1st was ‘Abhijeet Sawant’ he sang the most famous and popular songs for the Bollywood.
Abhijeet SawantThe songs sung by him recently was-

  1. Ye Na(2015)
  2. Sau Tarah Ke Revisited(2016)
  3. Ishqa(2016)

# So You Think You Can Dance U.S 2014 and India 2016-

Winner of STCD U.S was ‘Ricky Ubeda’. He is Florida located dancer. He is now working for Stars Dance Studio. He is also known as ‘Victor’.

Ricky Ubeda

Winner of STCD India was 17 year old girl, ‘Alisha Behura’. She is popularly called by ‘krump queen’. She is the girl from bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Alisha Behura

# America’s Got Talent 6 and India’s Got Talent 6-

Winner of American series 1st was ‘Landau Eugene Murphy Jr’. is the American  Jazz singer from Logan County, West Virginia. He recently sang-

  1. This Thing Called Love
  2. One For My Baby, One For Road
  3. Wake Up Everybody
  4. The Way It Is

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Winner of IGT 6 was ‘Manish Paul’. He is aerial artist performer who won the heart of all. Now he started his own academy-‘Manish Paul-Arts Academy’. And the first show of his academy was on 16 November 2016. He all set his footstep in the way of excellence.

Manish Paul

Here we showed you some foreign and Indian performer now it’s up to you that which star you like or to whom you love.

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