Games You Can Play at Your kid’s Birthday Party

The most special thing you can do for your little children is throw a great birthday party for them. Yet, sometimes you don’t manage to go through with it because it is indeed difficult to arrange a party while handling all your work and chores. This year don’t disappoint your child, this year throw your child the best birthday party ever. The service of the best banquet hall for birthday party is at your disposal.

Your savior

Your days of feeling guilty are over. Now you can arrange an elaborate birthday party for your child and invite as many people you want. The banquet and catering services will take care of everything including:

  • Food and mocktails
  • Venue decoration
  • Music
  • Games
  • Crisis situation management
  • Transport

All you need to do on your own is make sure you have hired the best team to handle the job. In order to ensure that you are choosing the best, you need to look into certain parameters to judge.

kid’s Birthday Party

Your go to checklist

You know what you need to do when you host an event on your own. It is difficult and time consuming. So when you hire professionals, you need to make sure they can do what you would have done, and more. You must make use of all the benefits that a professional management team at a reputed banquet hall has to offer. So here are a few things you must ensure you are getting:

  • Insurance: You need to make sure that the banquet hall has customer-friendly insurance policies so that in case anything goes amiss your property is compensated for.
  • Safety and security: You must not settle for a banquet hall that does not have its own team of security at standby. Also, you must ensure there is functional fire safety and evacuation protocol.
  • In-house catering: Some banquet halls have the best in-house catering service. Go for such banquet halls because with its own catering.This will reduce the overall cost and at the same time, let the food segment remain in hands you already have decided to rely on.
  • Gadgets: Make sure the equipment and electronics you need for everything you have planned, are all available with the banquet hall. You shouldn’t have to hire gadgets, sound systems and other equipment. These are the responsibilities of a good banquet hall service.
  • Fun events:the banquet hall should have provisions and permissions for all kinds of fun events that you want to host. Talk about the events you want to host and check which banquet hall is willing to take the responsibility of all those.
  • The damage: You deserve a good day at the cost of a good day and not at the cost of three months’ salary. Look for competitive pricing. Don’t be afraid to bargain.
  • References: Look for real life references because you need to be sure about the experience real users have had. You can of course check out the website of the service for reviews but they are often paid reviews or reviews from friends. So ask your acquaintances for references.

These are the basics you need to make sure you have taken care of. Once you have hired a good banquet hall service with a reliable management team, you are sorted. All you have to do now is state your preferences and oversee their work.

Fun events

Apart from refreshments, children are most excited about some fun games. That is what they are looking forward to. You need some fun games to play in order to make your child’s birthday a very memorable one. Here are some examples:

#1. Treasure hunt

The best way to present your return gifts without making a scene of it is treasure hunt. A good professional event management team will not only buy the presents you have listed and run them by you, but they’ll also wrap it up for you. So you can simply give a list of the names of the children invited, and they can put the labels on each gift so that every child goes home with a surprise and the game ends only when the last child has found their treasure.

#2. Hide and seek

This is a good way to keep the children from straying away from you. Just tell them to hold off their urge to explore the place till you start playing hide and seek. The security systems will make sure no child is actually lost or confused and everything is fun.

#3. Musical chair

No birthday party is complete without a game of musical chair. The event organizers will provide you with the chairs, the music, and every prop you might need. This is a hassle free game that never gets too old.

#4. Balloon pop

Two words, “candy time”! Every child will be so excited to play this game. It will be a hit even before the game starts. Have the birthday kid pop the balloon and have some more balloons for some more kids to pop so that the thrill is multiplied ten folds. Once again, the management will take care of the setup and it will also serve as part of the decorations.

#5. Passing the pillow

Passing the pillow is just as much fun as any other game and it is one of the classic ones like musical chair. Let the kids cheat, fight, have fun. The best thing about passing the pillow is that you can let the children show off their talent when you ask them to sing, recite, or act for “punishment”.

#6. Karaoke

You will have the sound system and projector provided so there’s nothing to worry about. You might be surprised how well some children sing. Even those kids who don’t sing well, will give you something to laugh about and why not include the adult bathroom singers too?

#7. Blind man’s bluff

This game teaches team work and communication. A birthday party is an ideal excuse to have children get together and lead a blindfolded child to the target. You could add some fun puzzle games as the targets so that it can turn into a continuation of treasure hunt.

#8. Coin drop

This game is plain fun. It also helps kids practice good aim. You could get the kids interested in Physics while they try to get the target. The adults can play it too.

#9 Glass pong

This is another fun and simple game you can play. Have the glasses labeled with activities to turn it into a fun and activity filled game.

#10. Blind draw

This is sheer fun. Let the banquet hall know this is what you want to play so that they can arrange for the whiteboards and markers. Play with the kids and adults. Have fun.

So, this was mainly about what you can do at your kid’s birthday party. Now you have an idea of what events you can host at the party. Also, you just figured out the advantages of banquet service and how it will arrange for most of the things, even the games. So all you need to do is let them know what you are looking for, and keep a tab on the progress till the date of the event. Enjoy!

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