How to Get Ready for a First Date: 8 Fabulous Tips

First dates come with a lot of pressure- the pressure to impress your date and at the same time not make a fool of yourself. Most of us are so nervous before the first date that we often forget to do some basic things which otherwise come to us naturally. However, your days of worrying are over, as this simple checklist will ensure that everything goes smoothly and your date is left wanting more.

#1. Choosing the location

It’s best that the location of your date is chosen by both of you together after mutual discussion. Surprises are nice but only when you know someone’s likes and dislikes, i.e. when you have been in each other’s lives for quite some time. So, if you’re going on a date with someone who you don’t really know much about, it’s safest to not pull out the surprise card just yet. Since you both are bound to be a little awkward, it is important to choose a location that takes the edge off of both of you.

In case the place you have chosen is an in-demand restaurant, ensure that you make a reservation in advance. You can spend maximum time with your date that way and not with the receptionist fighting for a table.

#2. Confirming the date

Call up your date to confirm the time and location of your meeting, instead of texting. Calling shows that you are eager and excited for your date. A call will also reassure your date that you are looking forward to spending time with them.

#3. Buying a gift

Bringing them a simple but classy gift is not only polite but also a way of ensuring that they continue to think about you over the next few days- whenever they look at your gift. You don’t want to bring them anything too expensive as you don’t want to give them the idea that you’re trying too hard or trying to buy their love. A bouquet of flowers is the safest and most classy way to go, but if you’re willing to spend a little more money, then you can bring them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

#4. Spending time on basic grooming

You don’t want to go to any meeting- much less a date- smelling like sweat and unwashed clothes. Make sure that you bathe before your date and change into clean clothes. First impressions are very important and your date is less likely to be impressed by you if they know that even though they had spent hours getting ready, you had simply put on the first thing that you saw. Do the basic things that you are expected to do before leaving the house- brush your hair, clean your face, shave if you have to and most importantly brush your teeth cause bad breath can be the biggest turn off on a date.

#5. Dress according to the situation

We understand that you want to wow your date by looking good, but it’s equally important to be comfortable so that you can also enjoy the date. A date is successful only when you find yourself wanting to do it all over again and that is less likely to happen if you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable and thinking about getting out of your body-hugging dress. So dress according to the occasion; if you’re going somewhere expensive and classy, sure bring your A-game, but if you’re comfortable with each other and want to enjoy some cozy time then you need to trade in for something sexy.

#6. Choosing the right body fragrance

You don’t want to go about smelling like you just robbed a perfume factory, but at the same time you want to smell good. Studies have shown that the brain is quick to associate smells with memories and emotions, and you want your significant other to associate you with flowers and meadows, and not with sweat and body odor. If the fragrance that you wear is a common one, an added advantage is that the next time your date smells that perfume, they will be forced to think of you. In conclusion, smelling good is as important as looking good on a first date.

#7. Cleaning your apartment

In case your date goes extremely well and you both end up at your house, you want to give them the impression that you are independent and can take care of yourself. So clean up your apartment, remove the dirty dishes from the sink, stock up your refrigerator with some delicious food, throw in your dirty underwear into the laundry basket and most importantly clean your bathroom. Your two are not headed anywhere if your date is disgusted by your apartment.

#8. Relaxing and not expecting too much

Relax before your date so you don’t appear flustered or nervous. Your date might go well or it might not, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Just think of it as a fun night out and try to have a good time so that even if there is no second date you would have made the most of the night.

Lastly, remember to respect each other’s boundaries; you want to give your date a night that they cherish, and not one that they regret. Make your date feel comfortable and expect the same from them, if at any point your date makes you feel uncomfortable don’t hesitate to get up and leave.

Having said that, first dates reveal very little about a person so try to go out on a few more dates before you actually make up your mind about whether or not to enter into a relationship.

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