Glossary of the digital entrepreneur: 113 terms that you have to know

We gather all the important terms about the digital market and create a glossary of the complete digital entrepreneur for those who are new!

So then! Did you just discover the digital market and in different situations you come across unfamiliar terms that have no idea of their meaning?

Do not worry! Everyone who is an entrepreneur and works with digital marketing has been through that for a long time.

And to help you, we gather the main terms and most used in the market. Check it below and feel comfortable to consult this list whenever you need it!


Are those people interested in promoting third party products and receive commissions for each sale from the indication of the Affiliate.

Advance withdrawal

Possibility of withdrawing the sales commission shortly after the payment has been approved. Normally the wait is 30 days, but with the advance it is possible to do it before the stipulated period.

Product approval

Online course / digital product that is submitted on the platform chosen to be approved in accordance with the pre-established approval rules.

Members area

Also known as membership, the members area is an online space reserved for accessing specific content. Only those who have a username and password can access a certain area of members.


Visual resources that can enrich a video content, such as icons, animations, text. They are added at the time of editing the video.

Marketing Automation

Act to automate marketing processes. This action is carried out by programs that concentrate several efforts and very important tools so that marketing is effective, for example: e-mail marketing, capture of leads, tracking of metrics, conversion rate, delivery of rich materials, among others. The foreign company Hubspot is a good example of a marketing automation software.


Representation of your ideal client. By identifying your avatar you will know the profile of your potential buyer, with which you can deal with matters of interest and with the language adapted to that character.


Graphic piece that can be displayed on sites and blogs, in order to call an action, whether it is leading to another page, downloading a content or even making a sale.

Base of emails

Also called only “base”, is the list of emails that you have built to communicate directly with your leads.


Market study to analyze your competitors and the opportunities that your product can explore.


Score to qualify your registered digital product. The higher the quality of your product, the greater your Blueprint will be.

BOFU – End phase of the funnel

Moment of purchase decision in which the client chooses the company / product that will best serve his need.


Bonuses are resources widely used by affiliates to increase competitive advantage over other affiliates. They are complementary materials (ebooks, infographics, audios) to enrich the offer of sale of a digital product.


Cost of Acquisition of Customers or Customer Acquisition Cost means the price you pay to acquire each new customer.

SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer is a standard technology that guarantees the security of exchange of links between the server and the browser. This exchange ensures that all the information circulating in that system will remain private, which is very useful for the user to feel safe when accessing the site.

Chargeback (chargeback)

It is the cancellation of a sale made through a debit or credit card. When the buyer requests the cancellation of a purchase made and the operator of the card returns the money to his account, a chargeback occurred.


It is the page (or pages) in which the customer makes his purchase. Do you know when you make a purchase online and have to fill in your information, including your credit card number? It is that!

Optimized checkout

It is the completely perfected checkout to improve the user experience at the time of purchase and increase the likelihood that, in fact, complete the entire payment process.

Standard checkout

The standard checkout takes the user to the platform that will intermediate the payment, for example, PagSeguro, PayPal, Mercado Pago. Only there you can conclude the purchase.

Transparent checkout

It is the mechanism that keeps the user in the same place that agreed to make the purchase.

Subscription club

Package of services or products that the user subscribes and receives periodically. Netflix itself is a good example, since each month you have to pay for that service.


Value obtained based on sales made.

Purchase of traffic

When you buy ads to bring visitors to a certain channel, it can be a site or blog, for example.

Author content

When the content is original and nothing of an existing material has been replicated.

Perennial content

Also known as evergreen content. This type of content is timeless and will continue to be relevant for a long time. The post “Sales techniques for beginners” is an example of perennial content, which differs from the news content, which has the function of reporting a fact, but becomes obsolete over time.


When a visitor performs a very important action within your web page. It can be a record in your newsletter, download a material, buy a service or product, among others.


When two people come together to produce a digital course or other material to sell online.


The art of persuading a user through words. The objective of a copywriter will always be to induce the visitor to perform the action that leads to a conversion.


Cost per Action Term used in paid ad campaigns. The advertiser only pays when the user performs a pre-established action. Example: give a “like” on the page, share a post, click on an ad.


The advertiser pays for each click he receives in his ad.


The advertiser will pay one value per thousand ad displays.

Cross selling

Practice of offering complementary products to a client. Example: if you have a subscription to a cooking course, you can offer a complete ebook on organic foods.


Call-to-action or call to action is the attribution that leads the user to execute some action on a certain page.


It is the ratio between the number of times an ad is displayed and the number of clicks it receives. This ratio is called Click Through Rate or, simply, Click Rate.

Disclaimer (disclaimer)

It is a term of responsibility and should be used, mainly, when it is necessary to make a clarification or warning to your visitor / client. For example: if your online product is about fitness, but it is not advisable for diabetics, it is necessary to inform it clearly. So both parts of the trade agreement are safeguarded: yourself and your client.


When the client chooses or you offer a lower value plan for your service. In spite of reducing the ticket of your product, you avoid losing a client.



Acronym for “Distance Education”. This teaching modality establishes that the physical presence of the student in the classroom is not necessary, being able to use other means to transmit the content, the Internet being the most common.


Term meaning “electronic book”, translated into Spanish as an electronic book. The reader receives this type of book digitally, just having an electronic device (mobile, tablet, notebook or reader of digital books) compatible to access the content.


Necessarily happens in the digital environment. That aspect sets it apart from the EaD system (which can be carried out even by mail).

E-mail Marketing

Tool to establish communication with the client and promote services / products through e-mail.

Sales funnel

Process intended to lead the prospect until the moment of purchase. In this journey he will go through the stages of the beginning, middle or bottom of the funnel (TOFU, MOFU and BOFU) until he becomes a client.

Perpetual funnel

The perpetual funnel works like a store that is open 24 hours a day. The customer can purchase the product at the time he wants. The digital producer can choose between the perpetual funnel or the launch.


When there is involvement and interaction of leads, followers or customers with your brand. It can be through likes and comments on social networks or also email responses.


When there is possibility of growth in large proportions without raising production costs. Online courses have great power to generate scalability, because once the material is produced, it is possible to reach people all over the world.

Conversion form

Fields that must be filled by the visitor in order to generate some conversion. It can be a form to receive rich material, to subscribe the bulletin or make a purchase.

Mental triggers

They are strategies of persuasion used to awaken the interest of a public and take it to perform some action.

Generation of leads

Act to transform visitors into potential clients. You can use contact forms by offering some rich material, transmit a webinar about your business and ask for the user’s email in return to add it to your base of leads.

Google Adsense

Google’s own advertising service in which a website opens space for advertisers. The owner of the site will receive a value each time a visitor clicks on the ads or every thousand times the ad appears.

Google Adwords

Tool to publish ads on sites and on Google itself. The advertiser can choose which will be the best way to pay for those ads: CPC, CPM or CPA.

Google Analytics

Number analysis tool for your website or blog. It is through it that you will know how is the access in your channels, which pages have been the most visited and other various relevant information for your business.

Growth Hacking

Set of strategies and experiments focused on increasing the result of a company.


Integration tool of the affiliate program with the email marketing tool.


Many payment tool integrated system. Built on the basis of studies to raise the conversion rate of a digital producer.


Unique link generated by the many platforms that contains an identifier of the person responsible for that sale. This link ensures that all commissions are distributed correctly.

Inbound Marketing

Strategies to attract people’s interest and make them look for the solution you offer. It is possible to use various resources to apply Inbound Marketing, such as SEO techniques, social networks, valuable content on the blog and email marketing.


Also known as a digital product, infoproducts are educational materials that are marketed and consumed in the digital medium.


Key Performance Indicator or Key Performance Indicators. They are essential metrics to identify if your business is reaching the expected results. They should be simple to understand and clearly express whether the objective is being met or not. Example: number of sales or number of leads generated.


Unlike the perpetual funnel, the launch occurs a few times a year and is based on the premise of building a large base of contacts, heat them with an offer, and then open the cart for a limited time. The launch uses the principle of scarcity enough to make many sales.

Landing Page

Any page that the visitor can access your site, either by a paid ad, Google search, social networks.


A business opportunity, a potential user that can become a customer. A lead can be an email from someone interested or it can also contain more complete contact information, such as profession, position in the company that works, employee number and even telephone.

Linking Building

Name of the process to acquire indications of other relevant sites through links. This factor is very important for ranking strategies in Google. It is essential, however, to be careful in the way these links are going to be built. The ideal strategy is to create valuable content so that other sites spontaneously link to your site.

Affiliate marketing

Advertising managed by affiliates in order to disclose third-party products and acquire commission for each sale made.

Rich materials

More complex materials than blog posts, such as ebooks, infographics, spreadsheets, which can be offered in a lead generation campaign.

Performance means

Strategies of paid means for the acquisition of leads or conversion in sales.

Programmatic means

Tools that automate the process of buying media. Google itself has a proprietary tool known as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).


Representative symbol of Individual Micro Entrepreneur.


Final objective to be achieved during a certain period established. To learn to set goals.


It is any measure that can be measurable. For example: people based in a city, visitors to a site, number of likes in a fanpage. The metrics make up a larger set that encompasses the KPIs.


Common term used in the entrepreneurial community. If you hear about “enterprising mindset” or “change the mindset”, it means only “entrepreneurial mentality” and “change the mentality”, respectively.

MOFU – middle phase of the funnel

Time when the lead discovered a certain problem and now seeks to solve it, that’s why it starts looking for products, but is not sure where to buy it or even if it should buy it.

Native Ads

Shortened form for Native advertising. They are announcements published in news sites that are mixed among other post. The objective is to advertise less aggressively, so as not to reject the user’s click.


Electronic bulletin that is delivered to the user periodically through email. The user must register on the site or blog to receive the newsletter. (If you are not subscribed to ours yet, just do it in the bar below to receive first-hand information!)

Market niche

Segment of action chosen to produce a content or act as an affiliate. Finance, Relations and Food are examples of niches.


Content offer

Rich material offered to visitors of your site / blog in order to transmit knowledge and hook them even more with your brand / product

Thank you page

It is the page that the user receives when making a purchase, downloading some content or any other action.

Sales page

Page destined to the presentation of a product. It is completely focused on taking the user to the checkout page, at which time he will make the purchase.


It is the main term of a product / text that should receive the focus of all content. It will help the user to identify the topic.

Refund period

Period that the consumer has to desist from a purchase.

Tracking pixel

Code added in an image so that the page in which it is inserted is tracked. In this way it is possible to measure the behavior of the user.


Pay-per-click. Term used to reference ads paid on digital channels. Each time the ad receives a click, the advertiser pays for it.

Digital product

Material distributed digitally. They can be online courses, software, tutorials, audiobooks and various other types of digital products.

Digital producer

Specialist who produces content to educate other people.

Affiliate program:

System that connects affiliates to products and producers.

Test A / B

Test to identify which function or page has the best performance when distributed to an audience. It consists of dividing the traffic and delivering two different versions to each group in order to check which of them generates more conversion.

Display Network

Network of Google partner sites that allows people to advertise on these channels. Google makes the association of ads with the advertiser site according to the common niche of both parties.

Social networks

Channels in which people connect, share opinions and everyday events. Social networks go beyond Facebook and Instagram and can even be segmented by themes.


Resource that allows the visualization of contents and announcements to those who have already had contact with your site or campaign.


Acronym for Return on Investment. It is the relationship between the value invested in your business and the financial return received.


Recorded videos from a computer that are mainly used to complement materials with practical tutorials on the screen. An example of it would be the recording of how to access a platform or assemble a spreadsheet. To know more, read our post about screencast here.


Division of markets according to the topics addressed. A segment can also be called a niche.


Acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Set of practices and techniques to improve the positioning of a site / blog in the first organic results of search engines, such as Google and Bing.


Acronym for Search Engine Results Page (Search Engine Results Page). Term to reference the pages displayed when searching for a term in the search engines (Google and Bing).

Payment system

Payment method used in your business. Must have the function of receiving the buyer’s money and transfer it to the Producer and Affiliate account.

Global payment system

Method that accepts purchases made anywhere in the world, which already converts currency to the Producer / Affiliate account.

SPAM (junk mail or spam)

Acronym for Sending and Posting Advertisement in Mass (mass mailing and advertising). They are messages sent to a user without their consent. If you have already received an email from someone or a company that you do not know or have never had contact with, you have already been a “victim” of a SPAM.

Squeeze page

It can also be called capture page. The squeeze page must be fully optimized to capture emails and / or other contact information.


It is the code that must be inserted in the Hotlink to identify where your buyer came from.


Marketing is the practice of telling stories in a captivating way so that the user is “hooked” with your brand and can sell.


Tool to analyze the strengths ( Strengths), the weaknesses ( Weaknesses), the opportunities ( Opportunities) and the threats (Threats) of your business.

Transfer fee

Amount that must be paid to the payment system to withdraw commissions from your online business.

Refusal rate

Percentage of people who entered your site / blog and left without clicking on any other page.

(TOFU) Upper stage of the funnel

It is the widest stage of the funnel. The person is still not aware that they have a problem, much less need a service or product to solve it. At this time your company must address issues of interest to that person to discover a new need and continue the process of the funnel with you.

Organic traffic

Traffic acquired naturally through social networks, search engines or by indication of other sites.


Up selling

When the customer is encouraged to increase the plan and spend a little more with your service. Example: when you subscribe to a simple account on Netflix and the company offers you a better plan, with more advantages.


Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. In short, it is the address of a web page.


Lessons made available in video format.

Video of sales

Video focused on convincing the user about the quality of a product / service to make a purchase.


Online seminar that is performed mostly live. It takes place when an expert wants to teach a lesson, answer questions and attract / involve an audience.


It is the web content management system (CMS) most used by those who have a blog.

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