Here is what you may not know about hypersexual disorder, but should!

Let us be real, we all love sex right? Even though some people may not admit it, sex is a cure for many things. There is a difference however, with loving sex and being addicted to the act. Sex addiction is a real condition that comes with a lot of stigma from the society. Not many people admit to being addicted to sex. You don’t wake up one morning and call yourself a sex addict. This habit grows gradually up to a state where you can no longer control the urge to have sex.

Scientists call it hypersexual disorder. According to statistics, about 5% of people living in America suffer from this disorder. Some people call it a myth but it is a real condition that can ruin the lives of victims. Others believe that this condition affects men only. Such misconceptions are inaccurate because anybody can be a sex addict. If you are wondering how people get here, find out the symptoms, causes as well as coping strategies below.

What are the signs that you may be addicted to sex?

What are the signs that you may be addicted to sex?

There are many symptoms that can help you know if you are a sex addict. This range from constant masturbation, extramarital affairs as well as constantly watching pornography. Though sex is healthy to help one calm the nerves, if you find yourself masturbating every single day you are free, you are encouraging addiction. People who find it hard to maintain one partner due to lack of sexual satisfaction may be addicts. There is no way that all the girls you may be sleeping with are poor in bed, right?

Others spend too much time downloading and watching pornography as well as practicing phone sex. Cybersex is also on the rise and can make your urge uncontrollable. Sexual harassment and rape cases could also be signs of addiction. Sex addicts also practice unprotected sex with strangers without any emotional connection with them.

Prostitution and having excess one night stands could affect how you deal with sexual feelings. It may be surprising to hear that some people enjoy watching others have sex but this incidences do happen.  The highest number of these cases occur under the influence of drugs. Experts also reveal that people who have problems with mood disorders are also prone to sex addiction.

How can handle sex addiction?

How can handle sex addiction?


Accepting that you can no longer control your sexual behavior is a step to recovery. Differentiate between vigorous sex and addiction. The sooner you realize the urge is abnormal, the better for you. Do not let the guilt and shame keep you in denial. Avoid listening to stereotypes that say that sex addiction does not exist because it is real.

Talk to a friend

Instead of drowning in embarrassment, sharing your problem with a loved one can give you courage to take it to the professionals. Confide in someone you trust to avoid being judged or criticized negatively. They can also keep tabs on you so that you feel accountable to them and control your feelings.

Write about how the addiction is affecting your life

Being addicted to sex can cause adverse effects which may be both physical and emotional. For instance, you may contract a disease from it or get agitated due to a person who does not give you consent. This is what makes addiction lead to rape or molestation.

Write down the negative impacts the behavior has had on your life. It may have destroyed a relationship with someone who cared about you and led you to depression. Keeping a journal about such effects can act as a reminder as to why you should stop the habit.

Seek support

sex addiction

If your sex addiction is triggered by substance abuse, Recovery Village in Texas will help you recover from both kinds of addictions. Talking to counselors at such facilities can help you understand the cause of the problem as they help you detox you from drugs.

There are also various treatment programs that can help you recover. You can enroll in the twelve step treatment that deal with all kinds of addictions. Groups such as sex addict anonymous and co-dependent of sex addicts can help you meet others with a similar condition and motivate you to fight it.

Psychotherapy is also an effective treatment for sex addicts. It involves cognitive behavioral therapy to educate you on how to handle sexual desires. Spiritual therapy can give you the support you need to raise your self-esteem and minimize guilt. Through this, you can renew your faith and find forgiveness to fight stigma from the society.

Come up with goals

Establish goals that you want to achieve as part of your journey to discovery. Come up with a mission statement that will keep you focused on quitting your addiction. Overcome your desires by listing the reasons for your decision. Establish a plan on how you will face the victims of your sex addiction to mend the broken relationships.

Eliminate sexual triggers

Eliminate sexual triggers

To avoid relapsing, change your lifestyle by getting rid of sexual triggers. Take out all the sexual content from your room including magazines, pornographic videos in your laptop or pictures that stimulate your mind. If you had bad company, start changing your friends and avoiding places that can affect your progress. Take a break from clubbing and replace such habits with constructive ones.

Change your mentality towards sex

Instead of using sex an outlet to escape from a problem, find ways to enjoy healthy sex with one partner. Quitting addiction does not mean that you stay away from sex completely. As long as the behavior is not controlling your life, you can enjoy healthy sex taking charge of your tendencies.

Final thoughts

Sex addiction is a serious problem that requires attention like any other disorder. Instead of stigmatizing such people, we should help them recover using the strategies we have discussed to prevent our society from moral degradation. For the victims, remain true to yourself and stay focused to fight sex addiction.

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