How Does Hypnosis Therapy Help in Pain Management?

When talking about chronic and acute pain, short duration and sudden pain is the leading characteristic. For many days, chronic pain persists, lasting for months, some days, years, or in serious case, even a lifetime. Often, this is a debilitating, complex, and life-changing condition. Usually, these estimates vary, but it shows that the number of sufferers from chronic pain in the United States runs into thousands and millions.

The number of chronic pain sufferers is actually hard to quantify. Depression, lack of self-worth, a sense of hopelessness, lack of confidence, and depression all lead to social isolation. This leads to pain sufferers turning to hypnosis therapy or pain management in Atlanta in the hope of relief from their pain.

In most cases, medical treatment options for chronic pain are multi-disciplinary and protected, and it will include physiotherapy, talking therapies, powerful medication, or even surgery. For a few people, a combination of these therapies will result in chronic pain alleviation. However, there are other alternatives available. You may be wondering whether hypnosis therapy actually helps in managing chronic pain. Here’s what you should know.

Does Hypnosis Therapy Alleviate Chronic Pain?

Anyone considering seeking the help of a hypnotherapist for chronic pain management should consult experienced medical practitioners. Know that pain is our body’s way of signaling that something is not actually right, which causes the chronic pain. Specialists should diagnose the problem before they consult a hypnotherapist.

During the session of hypnosis therapy, the expert will first ask you questions like how you will rate your pain so that it will help them to measure the progress. Often, the scales may be invaluable because since the pain experience will be subjective. You need to know that the way the brain perceives, as well as interprets the signals of pain varied from one patent to the other. During the hypnosis therapy, patients will learn how to follow a suitable plan of exercises as a support, along with personalized CDs.

When you go through Kroll Care hypnotherapy, this session frequently includes a different form of progressive distraction and relaxation techniques, with the help of pain visualization. Some other positive suggestions during the plan of treatment help with increased control over the pain to focus on recovery and wellness.

Keep in mind that hypnosis therapy helps to convince you to avoid feeling the pain, it helps to manage fear, anxiety, and any form of discomfort related to the pain. It helps you to relax and redirects the pain away from the sensation of pain. The hypnosis session lasts for about 20-30 minutes, where you will learn to focus on relaxing and breathing.

Before the Therapy, Be Open about Your Pain

As the hypnosis therapy proceeds, it is vital that patients describe their pain in full details, including other factors like worsening of the pain, the duration, the symptoms and you should use some keywords to describe the intensity of the pain. For example, does your pain come with sensations like burning, pins, needles, stabbing, aching, and others?

There are times when the pain could result from other problems like shoulder pain, back pain, and at such times, you will need to consider the help of chiropractors.

The Approach to Pain Relief via Hypnosis Therapy


Some people who suffer from chronic pain often do so because they lack sufficient oxygen supply in their muscles, which causes tightness and increases the pain. When this happens, hypnosis therapy guides patients on how they can breathe through the series of exercises to help increase the oxygen flow into their body. The therapy also encourages sufferers to forget about all their worries and try to focus on other relaxation options.

The State of Trance

Your therapist will ask you to sit comfortably and work on induction of trance. This means they will use some words on you to take you to the comfortable and relaxing trance. Although you will enter the process of relaxation, you will not actually be a passive observer. You will be well aware of your surroundings, and be able to hear whatever your hypnotherapist says to you.

 Targeting Chronic Pain

During the trance, the therapist will encourage you to create a positive image in your mind and ask you to imagine how pain looks to you and target it to get rid of it. The therapist will guide you on how to release the pain and your subconscious mind will be able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Through the imaginary journey, your mind will focus on getting rid of the pain.

The release of Positive Thoughts

The reason behind the pain you experience could be a person, the people that surround you, the emotions you feel, or a particular incident. Hypnosis therapy as a pain management in Atlanta tool will help to guide you on exactly how well you can release positive emotions to stop the pain.

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As you can see, hypnosis therapy helps to keep the pain away and alleviate it. To ensure that you receive the best treatment, you should make sure that you consult the right therapist, and have a positive approach to your life.

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