How Smoking is Bad for Your Teeth and Gums

If you smoke, quit the habit today itself because it not only causes lung and skin cancer but also poses a whole lot of other health risks. It takes a heavy toll on your dental health as well running the aesthetic of your teeth and weakening your gums gradually. If you smoke, there will always be the risk of less blood flow to your mouth making it a perfect place for bacteria. And you know how bacteria can destroy your teeth and gums over time. So, try to chuck the habit altogether and if you can’t, take step to cut back on the frequency and increase oral care.

Here are ways in which smoking for bad for your teeth and gums –

Plaque and bacteria

Using tobacco in any form, including smoking, is very bad for your teeth and gums. It can hamper your mouth’s ability to fight off infection, so there is a greater chance of bacteria entering your mouth. Smokers thus allow plaque and bacteria to fester inside their mouth and cause some serious oral health issues. For that reason, the teeth start to get tinged with a yellowish shade and this problem could even pose the risk of tooth decay over time. This is how smokers are more likely to need root canal treatment to preserve their teeth than normal people.

Tartar build-up

Smoking affects the body’s auto-immune defences to weaken it considerably. And when that happens, the body find it tough to save itself from further harms or germs. This is when tartar starts to stack up as your body is not able to fight off any type of infection. And this tartar tends to be stubborn and you can’t remove them at home with brushing and flossing alone. Only a dentist can remove them with scaling procedure. Worse still, the grit and chemicals in tobacco can gradually rub your teeth and wear away enamel.

Stained or discoloured teeth

Stained and discoloured teeth are quite common among smokers. This problem happens for two reasons – first, the harmful effects of chemicals in tobacco, and second, lack of oral care measures taken by people who smoke. A yellowing or browning of the teeth is something that smokers are so synonymous with as if this problem left unchecked, it could even cause tooth decay over time. So, if you want your teeth to look as natural and dazzling white as they ever have been, it’s better to say goodbye to smoking and lead a quality life.

Bleeding gums

If your gums bleed when your brush or floss, it indicates some serious underlying dental concerns. Red, swollen and tender gums too signify poor oral health. Sadly, most smokers do experience bleeding gums because their habit allows bacteria to find a way inside your mouth easily. Periodontal disease or gingivitis is also very common among those who smoke. And you must know gum issues are major reason behind tooth decay. So, try to quit the habit and make it a point to visit the dentist often for regular check-up.

Tooth decay

If you love your teeth, say no to smoking. Because, nothing harms your pearly whites as much as tobacco does. The chemicals present in tobacco can ruin the strength and natural hues of your teeth weakening them considerably. Apart from causing stains, smoking can also pose the danger of tooth decay which you must understand. What’s more, smokers tend to avoid oral hygiene and they are more likely to have weakened and stained teeth than their normal counterpart. For that reason, it makes sense to stop smoking and start leading a quality life with no risk to the body whatsoever.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is so common among smokers. It leads to bad breath. And when your mouth is dehydrated, there will always be risk of bacterial growth. You however can drink plenty of water to flush out plaque, bacteria and foods from between the teeth or inside your mouth to reduce risk or dry mouth. This will ensure healthy teeth and shining teeth with no chance for bacteria to grow inside. Consult a dentist near my location and get to know more about how tobacco can harm your dental health greatly.

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