How to Create an Online Clothing Store?

If you are thinking of opening an online clothing store and need to know the most important features that you must take care of when setting up your fashion business on the Internet. Do not worry because in this article we will show you the essential elements about the design of the store, payment methods and shipping costs. If we take care of these elements, the page will work correctly for us.

It is clear that trends in the world of fashion are constantly evolving and that there is a list of followers who buy every season what is trendy. But luckily on the Internet there is room for everyone. And is that the products are reinvented and there are stores very specialized in styles. You can imagine that clothes and accessories are the absolute kings of the world of electronic commerce, that is, the sector that sells the most. For this reason today we are going to learn how to create a shop specialized in fashion.

What clothes to choose to sell online

If you find yourself in the situation of wanting to open an online clothing store, we recommend that, first of all, you investigate and find products and suppliers that provide you with a good margin and have a tug among the audience you are targeting. For the project to work it is necessary to choose a good catalog (very specific or more general) and organize it by families, categories or sections. These will define the structure that our online clothing store can have.

Example of categories of a fashion eCommerce with a general catalog (covering many types of product)

  • Women> Dresses, Pants, T-shirts, etc.
  • Man> Pants, T-shirts, Suits, etc.
  • Boys and Girls> Sets, Dresses, etc.
  • Trends> Accessories, Accessories, etc.

If on the other hand you prefer to specialize in a more specific catalog, the target audience you will target will be smaller, but you will probably have more options to position your page in the search engines and become a reference in your sector. By focusing all efforts on our niche. For example, if we create an online store specialized in hair ties, we will have options to become leaders in the world of Internet ties and compete with any entity.

Just to give an example we are going to suppose that we want to create an online store to sell sandals. We are only going to sell sandals, but for the whole family, the categories or families of products that we have to incorporate in the store could be:

  • Woman> Sandals with heel, without heel, etc.
  • Men> Velcro sandals, leather sandals, etc.
  • Children> Velcro sandals, leather sandals, etc.

Within the main category we must incorporate the subcategories that organize and facilitate the buyer to find the item they are looking for. Within a main category, the most specific subcategories or families that organize and structure the range of products that we are going to sell must be incorporated.

Recommended price range

The e-commerce studios and the best online fashion and accessories stores indicate that the products that are sold the most on the Internet are those that have a sales price that ranges between market trends. This type of products is more successful, however, at this time any product is sold on the Internet at any price.

Another of the most common features that online fashion stores and accessories have are the sizes or variants of the products. From the first steps in the creation of the store we have to care with great affection the information about the sizes and the measurements of the garments.

It is advisable to inform in detail the information about the sizes, since, at the moment, it is not possible to test the product through the Internet. It is true that there are applications and tools that allow us to test virtual garments and accessories although it is not the most usual nor the most direct when buying online.

It is essential to transmit the information in each size well because you have to take into account that brands have a different size system. We already know that it is not the same to buy a trouser from one brand than from another. It is clear that each brand sets its measurements individually there is no standardization on the measures in the world of clothing.

Therefore, I recommend you always define in writing in the online store the following characteristics: material of manufacture, size and measurements (with a size guide), specify well the colors with images that reflect as faithfully as possible the actual color of the article.

Sell ​​clothes through drop shipping

Before starting to sell on the Internet, it is advisable to do a small market study to find out which products are best working at the moment. Do not be scared because there are free tools like Google Trends or the Google Keyword Tool that make our work much easier. Both tools allow us to know what are the current trends and the volume of searches so we will have a very useful data history. Therefore, a good option would be to study which products are the most sold and searched on the Internet within the categories of fashion and accessories.

Once we detect any opportunity it would be a matter of selecting a range of articles in which we have margin and focus our efforts to advertise, create content with descriptions of categories and products and try to be a true reference in the world of online fashion.

If you are already clear about what fashion products you are going to sell on the Internet and what categories the online store will have, it is time to contact suppliers that find attractive products so that you can sell them on the Internet successfully. The good thing about the drop shipping model is that it allows us to sell clothes without needing to have the items in stock so it can be the best model to take the first steps in the online world.

I believe that drop shipping is an attractive model for a company or entrepreneur who wants to start selling clothes online without complications since expenses are reduced and it does not involve a risk because we are going to buy the products that our clients have requested, that is to say They have already bought us, with the advantage that the money for purchases has arrived in advance.

That is when you have to order our supplier that article. The supplier is the one who usually sends the product directly to the home of the final buyer, so the process is very simple for us with this model. The downside of this model is that there are usually more intermediaries and we will have less margin.

All the efforts that have to be made with an online clothing store with drop shipping would be:

  • Promote the page in social networks.
  • Advertise on Google and social networks
  • Get external links to improve positioning

Exist multitude of suppliers of fashion clothes to sell online so it is a matter of choosing a supplier that provides us with the selection of products we want to sell.

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Sell ​​clothes online if you already have a physical store

If you already have a physical store, a fashion store in your area and you want to sell online, you have it much easier. The most important and complicated to get (the clothes) and you have it and also many models even in stock to deliver it urgently. All you need is to upload the products and sell them through the Internet following our steps to configure payment methods, self-control and shipping costs.

An online store is very similar to a business of a lifetime. The most different are payment methods that allow us to accept our customers’ payments safely. The money goes directly from the buyer to our account without commissions.
The methods to accept more usual payments would be talking about the virtual TPVs that banks grant alternative payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery, store collection, etc.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is that we must correctly configure shipping costs. Every day, when we have orders in our online store, a courier will go through our store to collect the orders that are pending of that day and will be delivered to the buyer.

In terms of stock management and customer service we need to serve people well by phone by email even with social networks to offer professional treatment and answer any questions our clients may have.

Photographs of clothing and descriptions

The photographs and product descriptions are crucial when we begin to create an online clothing store. If we want to have a successful store, we must take great care of the product photographs and descriptions of each garment. Keep in mind that in the online clothing store, the buyer can not try or touch the garments.

Luckily many of the suppliers and fashion brands usually provide quality images, from different angles, combined with other garments, etc. Undoubtedly, the best option is to request the images to signatures or remove them from the Internet, provided that they have quality and are well taken.

You will have many more options to buy in your online store if we have good photographs and interesting product descriptions and that answer the questions that the buyer can ask. This important combination helps to convey that the product we sell is attractive and will cover the needs of the client.

Another of the keys of the world of fashion that works very well in Internet is to create outfits or combinations between the pieces to inspire the buyer and that he sees all the options we offer, see how those products would be and in the meantime we can expand the average amount of orders.

To describe the products we have to draw our most commercial vein indicating the virtues and the most interesting advantages of the article in order that the buyer feels that he is facing a good opportunity and that the product he is seeing is perfect for his wardrobe.

In addition, within the product sheets of an online clothing store we have to highlight the price, especially if it has some kind of offer to create a sense of opportunity. As we have said before, put information on sizes and measures well to dispel the uncertainty that online shopping can generate.

Another option to consider is to show the payment methods that are offered (with some icons). A good place can be the footer since it is always visible and the buyer will be able to consult it at all times.

Take care of the details of the shipment and return

If we are able to offer an attractive shipping cost strategy with the free return option we will eliminate buyer fears and our sales options will increase.

The way in which we make the shipments of our online store can become an opportunity, a competitive advantage of our business as long as we provide added value to the products. If we make a personalized delivery where we treat each person as someone special we will see an interesting boost.

A good idea can be to introduce in each package a card with a loyalty discount or a recommendation for the buyer to promote our page on social networks. In this way we can start to create a community where buyers become fans or followers of our brand.

Without a doubt, we can get our online store to take off and become a viral phenomenon and get ambassadors who recommend and promote (free) our online clothing store and help us to improve the store positioning and engagement.
The imagination will open many options 🙂 You can make special wrappers at Christmas, we can make a thematic wrap, we can also offer the gift wrapped option or with a special dedication with a positive message.

How to work the seasons in an online store

In the world of online fashion you have to manage well the change between seasons. And it is that the catalog of products is renewed and we give rise to a new collection that promotes the rotation of products where the promotion and offers of the previous articles arise.

Thanks to the Internet, products from other seasons can be commercialized. It works very well to create special families to create an outlet or items in liquidation. Discounts, offers and transmit to the buyers the sensation of opportunity will bring us a good number of sales.

Promote among our social networks our products on offer and send an email (newsletter) where promotions are indicated will make us more attractive for buyers.

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If you are thinking of starting or doing an online clothing store, we recommend that you select the range of products that suits you best, that you have a margin of over 30% and that you invest a monthly budget in advertising (from 500 INR per month). If you already have a store, the hardest thing you have already done. We encourage you to upload the products to the Internet with a professional online store and configure the basic aspects of the store with the help of our e-commerce advisors and if you need anything we are at your entire disposal.

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