How to Establish Your Brand as a Graphic Designer and Promote Yourself on Instagram

As a creative graphic designer, you should always focus on one essential aspect. Yes, you must look for ways to find and retain clients for a long time. And it is no wonder why all graphic artists love Instagram. For most creative people, including budding designers, it is one of the best social media platforms to highlight your work and build an audience. When you know how to promote your personal brand as a graphic designer on Instagram, half the battle is won. If you know the rules of the game, a powerful account on Instagram will put a graphic artist on the map and help to acquire clients. Now, what are the things you must do to promote yourself as a graphic designer? You should sell yourself like a product, providing value to your clients. By promoting yourself, you can make the most of the photo-sharing site and leverage aspects such as opportunities, successes, and revenues. To make your job a tad simpler, here is how you can promote your personal brand as a graphic designer:

Improve Your Visibility on Instagram

Maintaining a good presence on Instagram is one of the best ways to make you visible on this platform. Millions of people visit the photo-sharing platform daily and you can connect with most of them. Many of them will become your clients. How? Well, you need to display your graphic design works like logos, book cover illustrations, product package designs, and more. Besides, you can join the graphic design community websites and start a conversation with other designers. Start interacting with them and over time, you will see your network growing. Once you are through with this, you can even influence the community with your design tips and inspirations. Do not hesitate help other graphic designer with basic ideas and solving simple problems. It will help you to establish your authority on Instagram, especially when you have a rich portfolio to show on this platform.

Edit the Content You Post

No matter what you display, a logo, an infographic, or a poster, you can always edit them. As a designer, you’re expected to possess superior aesthetic sense than other Instagrammers, therefore live up to their expectations. There is no mercy if you post a poor-quality image. The graphic designing profession is all about aesthetics. If you highlight a poorly designed magazine cover page, it will not only mar your credibility as a designer, but the visual is also painful to look at. A bent picture, anindistinct or a dark image will look pathetic on social media. Therefore, edit and improve the look and feel of the visuals. Apply a sense of balance and composition to your photos. An eye for detail will also pay off in the long-term.

promaote yourself on instagram

Highlight Your Best Designs

Instagram is the best platform to build a strong portfolio. Highlight only the best designs you have created so far. A powerful portfolio on Instagram will tell your clients what you specialize in and what you can do for them. Posting your design work on this photo-sharing site is perhaps the best way to connect with your prospective clients. Boost your portfolio through optimization and posting new content daily. In no circumstances, you should post poor designs. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding graphic artist, you can take inspiration from sites like Gramblast.

Tell Your Story

Instagram is the best platform to tell your story to your potential clients through high-resolution pictures and videos. Therefore, ensure that you have a story to tell your audience. As a designer, you know that your posts do not always need to include too many words. Choose a few visual methods that will come to you naturally. If you fall short of words, Instagram is the best place to display your talent. Leverage the ‘Stories’ feature of Instagram to tell an in-depth story about your work. When it comes to the Stories feature, it offers more background to an edited image in the feed. Therefore, use it for a reason. Your Instagram stories should be engaging, compelling, and not a means to post mediocre design work that fails to create a buzz in your feed. You can show visuals of how you research to implement the design and deliver quality graphic design work to your clients. You can use a mix and match of still photos and videos.

Take Feedback and Improve

What matters the most is how others perceive your graphic design work. Therefore, pay attention to constructive criticism of your work. When you post images of your logo, illustrations, cover design, presentations, or marketing materials on Instagram, ask for feedback. Your existing clients, readers, designer friends, and other creative professionals will give you valuable feedback. Once you get sufficient feedback, positive or negative, learn from them and improve on your design. Use criticism to help you in the areas that need improvement. It will put you on the right track over the years.

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Create a Blog

Once have promoted your graphic design portfolio through Instagram, create a blog. Write short, interesting posts about your work, something that budding designers will love to read. You can also give a few quality design freebies and let your work propagate via Instagram and other social networking sites.


When you brand yourself as a graphic designer on Instagram, it sends a strong message to your prospective clients or employers. That is because your design work will gain much recognition through this photo-sharing site. Yes, you will become an eligible candidate for high-value design projects. And when you attain such level of branding, your creations will speak for themselves. The kind of professionalism that Instagram will bring to you is worth mentioning. Therefore, the time and effort you spend to promote your personal brand as a graphic designer are worth it. Initially, things may be a bit slow and challenging, but they will get easier with time. Remember to post your logo, T-shirt, and catalog design work regularly to build your presence on the photo-sharing site.

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