How to sell on Instagram? Successful tips for beginners

Step by step to start using this social network in your business.

If you’ve reached this post, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram is a great tool for doing business.

When thinking of new ways to market different products, social networks play an important role in this change. That is why more and more people try to spread their brands and products in these channels.

Because it is a dynamic and visual network, Instagram allows a real-time interaction with users, who manage to visualize your products as soon as you publish an image.

So, how about starting today to add that form of sales to your business?

Learn below how to sell by Instagram!

Step by step to sell on Instagram:

  1. Install the application: If you do not have an Instagram account yet, download the application and register in this network.
  2. Transform your personal profile into a business profile:activate or create a profile specifically for business.
  3. Post relevant content:choose among the content formats that can be published on Instagram and create relevant messages for your audience.
  4. Identify the ideal frequency of Instagram entries:try to identify the moments when your audience interacts with your profile and publish content in those hours.
  5. Try to involve more users on Instagram: spread your profile on other social networks and let people know your Instagram.
  6. Discover the right product to sell by Instagram: disseminate products that have a visual identity marked to advertise on that network.

How to sell on Instagram?

We are going to guide you in some fundamental stages. You will notice how the process is simpler than you imagine.

Step by step to sell on Instagram:

1. Install the Instagram application

You need to create an Instagram account before starting sales!

If you already have a profile, very good. If not, let’s help you!

Follow these steps to create your profile:

  • Download the Instagram applicationYou can do it on your mobile / tablet or connect on your computer.
  • Register in the network! Create an account with your email address or enter with the Facebook address. If you already have a page of your products on Facebook, it is interesting to register with that account so that your social networks are interconnected. That also creates a unique visual identity for your brand, which makes the user have a good experience and can identify you more easily,
  • Complete your new profile! Make a brief description, but that manages to highlight the most important points of your brand. Take advantage of the bio (space at the top, next to the profile picture, in which you describe what your Instagram is) to leave the link to your site. This is the only place to put an external link URL address,
  • Put a profile picture! Choose an image that is easy to identify and that summarizes what your brand is. Always keep in mind that this social network is visual, so invest your time when choosing the profile photo, since it will be the user’s first contact with your Instagram,
  • Make your Instagram public! By opting for a public profile, users of this social network will have easy access to your account. Your brand will be visited by different people, including some that you still do not know,
  • Start publishing! Now your Instagram profile is ready for use. Invest your time to take care of this new social network.

2. Transform your personal profile into a business profile

Any company can get a company profile on Instagram. This option is indicated to receive information about the performance of your messages in this network.

To activate your business profile, you must go to the profile settings in your Instagram account and enable the option “change to company profile”.

To complete the transition, you will need to integrate your Instagram profile to a Facebook fanpage. If you still do not have a Facebook page, create it by clicking here.

3. Publish relevant content

The Instagram account has been created and you can start posting there.

But you must be thinking: And now? What should I publish in my new profile?

So, it’s time to think about the content formats used in this social network.

Remember that Instagram is visual and that users follow the brands to see the products.

The main forms of publication on Instagram are photos and videos, but it is also important to think about the relevant texts and contents that enrich your profile.


The photos are the main publication format on Instagram and that is because initially this social network was created to share images.

Therefore, when advertising products on Instagram, it is necessary to publish well-made photos, perfectly framed and of excellent resolution. To help improve and edit your images, you can use applications such as VSCO and Photo Grid.

It is important to avoid images that are too heavy to avoid loading problems. Instagram already reduces the quality of the photos that will be published if they are outside the one allowed by the application. On the other hand, you will lose clarity when choosing low resolution photos, that’s why that choice must be made with caution and criteria.


Another visual resource widely used in Instagram profiles are videos, great formats to educate users more about what you sell. That’s because you can talk and explain more clearly and closely to your audience.

With a duration of up to 60 seconds, they can also be a fun tool to better show your product and its operation.

In truth, you can publish them in the Instagram news feed itself in the same way you would put the photos.

Another interesting way to explore this resource is to make videos of up to 15 seconds in Stories, a 24-hour publication option that appears at the top of the application.

There is also the option to create a Boomerang , which allows a short repetition of certain movements. This option makes daily movements interesting, fun and different!


Well, now you have excellent photos and videos. Now it is important to think about how to describe all that content.

The fact of knowing how to clearly and objectively present your products is essential to have an attractive profile. I recommend that you never publish in this network without a title, which has to be short.

This is the ideal time to explore your creativity!

Create innovative titles and always use the #hashtags. They mark the image and direct users to the appropriate niche of your product. However, avoid its excessive use in order not to contaminate the description.

Relevant content

We already know that presenting what is going to be sold on Instagram is essential, but did you know that it is important to educate users more and more?

Keep in mind to publish other content beyond your product or brand. That creates a good experience for your followers, who will have access to interesting and different publications.

Understand the needs of the people your Instagram follows you.

4. Identify the ideal frequency to post on Instagram

This is an interactive social network that does not need the user to spend a lot of time reading the subtitles of the entries. That is why it is possible to publish as long as you have good content.

There is no ideal number of publications, it all depends on the amount of material you already have prepared.

However, you can think of some good practices to attract more people to your profile.

  • Post photos or videos every day.
  • Avoid publishing more than two content on the same day so as not to overload your profile. If you publish everything at once, you will not have to publish later.
  • Remember that you should also publish weekends. It is important to update your publications whenever possible.
  • Think about the routine of the users you want to have to choose the best time to publish.

5. Try to involve users on Instagram

If you have started using this social network now, you probably do not have many followers.

It does not make sense to have an excellent Instagram profile with photos, videos and relevant content if that is not well publicized and does not attract the right followers.

It is necessary that your Instagram be seen!

Connecting your Facebook to Instagram helps increase the number of followers in your new network. There is an option to follow the people who are already on your Facebook. By doing so, those profiles that you follow will have access to your account and may also follow you.

If you have created a new account, define the buyer person  you want to reach and have them see your Instagram at the right time, This will make users become your followers and want to know more about your brand.

The key now is to know how to communicate with excellence with people who have an interest in what you sell on Instagram. That’s why it responds to comments and directives sent in a fast and personalized way. That will show that you take care of those who follow you there.

On the other hand you have to spread your Instagram so that people know it. Use your other social networks to spread the news that your brand now has an Instagram profile.

Divulge in all your other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr… You can even send emails to your customers about this news!

Despite there being several ways to spread your new network, be careful with some gadgets used to achieve those followers!

Many people choose to enter celebrity profiles to ask users to follow their profiles. That is not an effective strategy and can create a bad reputation for your brand.

6. Discover the right product to sell on Instagram

Are you one of those who believes that only fashion products can be sold on Instagram?

Of course that is not true!

All kinds of products that have a visual identity can be advertised in that network!

The key to choosing an ideal product is to know well the niche that your brand wants to reach, which has already been defined when the buyer person has been created.

Of course you can decide on products such as clothes, decoration items, personalized gifts, online courses and even food.

The important thing is to choose a single niche and focus on it. This prevents your follower from having doubts about the scope of your brand’s activity.

8 ideas of what to sell on Instagram

This theme is for those who want to work with Instagram, but still do not have a clear notion of what they want to sell for this application.

We have made a list with some possibilities that you can consider:

Clothing : the more you can segment your market, the better. Think about what kind of clothes you will like to sell: feminine, masculine, infantile, beachwear, plus size fashion, party dresses or gym clothes? These are just some options that you can consider.

Food : some dishes are so appetizing that they offer very good images. And in fact, it’s more than possible to sell food on Instagram, as we mentioned earlier.

Services : you can maintain a network of contacts to offer your services. If you’re a fashion consultant, for example, you can talk about the topic in your profile and do your own personal marketing, while engaging followers interested in the subject.

Accessories : even in the fashion industry, it is possible to sell accessories using the marketing that Instagram can provide you. The advantage of the accessories is that, in general, you do not have to test them to know if they will be good, as is the case with clothes.

Online courses: through Instagram, it is possible to involve followers within a topic and sell an online course for those interested. For example: if you have a profile oriented to healthy eating you can suggest to your followers a healthy cooking course. This course can be either from your own authorship, being yourself a digital producer, or it can be from third parties, being you an affiliate (to understand more about Affiliate Programs read our article what are the Affiliate Programs? – Complete Guide). The advantage is that you can choose any topic for which you are interested, and disseminate an online course that complements it.

Drinks : You can also sell frozen natural juices or other types of drinks by Instagram. Always place the best photos!

Electronics: make propaganda of electronic items, such as cell phones and other devices and sell using Instagram!

Decorative products: comics, paintings, embroidery and an infinite number of artistic products are very successful on Instagram, especially if you are an artist, it is even more interesting to highlight your talents and generate good income!

The fact is that we could make a huge list with all the products that you can report on Instagram, but this would be practically any product that is worthy of an ecommerce (online store), All these products can be disclosed on Instagram.

If you have doubts, opt for that branch with which you have more affinity. This way, you will have more knowledge to speak and spread your products.

Change in the Instagram algorithm

In January 2018, Instagram reported on changes to its algorithm that will require more interaction to display publications.

You should have already noticed that the publications made in this network were already with a smaller scope, that is, it was not possible to deliver your content published for all the followers. However, from the new changes made to Instagram, that reach will be even more compromised.

Do you already know what you need to do so that your followers see your publications?

Algorithm and post exposure:

  • Your posts will only be sent to 10% of your Instagram audience. The rest of your followers will receive your publications only if there is a positive receptivity for the initial 10%.
  • The performance of publications for commercial profiles will be better than personal profiles.
  • Do you remember the famous comment “¡Que bonito!” Or LB (“like back”) that some people tend to do on Instagram? This is considered SPAM and will be one of the reasons for diminishing the scope of profile publications that have this practice.


  • It is necessary to respond to comments made in your posts on Instagram up to 60 minutes after sending the comment. Otherwise, the visibility of your post will decrease decreasingly, that is, your publication will not have a good level of commitment.
  • Regarding the generic comments like “I love!”, “Good photo” and emoticons, which are considered SPAM, its use will imply a lower visibility of the publication in the timeline of whoever follows your profile.
  • People who see your stories regularly will receive your messages more frequently. Then, make and publish more stories to increase the commitment in your profile.

Audience capture:

  • From now on, publications that use many #hashtags can be banned (shadow banning – even though you use the correct hashtag, your post will not appear on the labels). The number of hashtags allowed is 30, but not to be considered SPAM, the recommended network is only 5 hashtags per post. So, choose carefully the hashtags that you will use and avoid those very famous and usual so that your publication does not disappear quickly from searches by tag.
  • You can also receive shadow banning if you always use the same hashtags in all your publications. Therefore, diversify the labels you use.
  • If you want to appear in searches by tags, it is not enough to put the hashtags in the comments of your posts. Only publications with hashtags in the subtitles will appear in searches.
  • Do not edit your subtitles for at least 24 hours after posting a photo or video. If you do, your post will have a lower chance of being seen.
  • Deleting a photo or video and posting them again will make the chances of your post diminishing significantly.

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New features:

  • From these Instagram updates, you can follow the hashtags and the profiles that choose to use this option (follow Hashtags) will be favored by the network.
  • Based on your Instagram interests, the network will most often show profiles of people who are not yet on the navigation tab of your timeline.

Despite all these changes, it is still possible to use Instagram to make sales and disclose your business. Therefore, do not stop using this social network in your marketing strategies.

So, are you ready to create an account and sell on Instagram?


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