How to use Audience Insights on Facebook?

Know this tool and learn how it can help you build a buyer person for your business.

The number of digital entrepreneurs around the world is increasing. That’s why the number of people offering products and services online also increases!

With the ease of access and the wide variety of fast and democratic connections, digital businesses have become extremely accessible and, mainly, profitable.

In addition, since growth is exponential, it is also essential that entrepreneurs master all available techniques to stand out in such a competitive market.

In this scenario, one of the main differentials is the exact definition of the buyer person so that your marketing actions are accurate and efficient.

Now, if you still do not know how to find your buyer, there are several tools available on the Internet that facilitate this research and the consequent correct definition of your audience. Among them is Audience Insight on Facebook!

That you still do not know this tool?

Then you will see what is Audience Insights on Facebook and learn how to use it.

Let’s go?

What is Audience Insights on Facebook?

Audience Insights of Facebook is an interest assessment tool based on the database of all the users of the network.

He is part of the Facebook IQ toolset, an arm oriented towards digital marketing and advertising and promotion of products and services.

In Audience Insights of Facebook, the dynamics of current digital marketing dissemination mechanisms are always result oriented and constantly updated, which makes it an efficient tool.

With this mechanism it is possible to find the main trends of behavior and consumption and, thus, direct the disclosure effectively and with great results.

These guidelines are already part of paid advertisements and promoted entries, in which it is possible to detail particularities of the people who will receive the announcements.

In Audience Insights, it is possible to previously measure these trends, selecting the audience and observing how the big discriminators of the digital market have applied their marketing strategies.

Why is it so important that you know your audience?

Properly advertising a product or service is not as simple a task as it seems.

If on the one hand there are millions of users a click away, on the other, the risk of not reaching the right audience is very large, precisely because of the high number of users.

Social networks are currently used by people of all ages and socioeconomic situations, with the most varied interests and consumption profiles.

Therefore, those who believe that it is enough to spread something in social networks to be successful are deceived. It is necessary to know, and very well, which is the target audience, be it in a personal profile or in a product or service page.

On Facebook, as well as on other social networks, much more than the number of followers, what matters is the quality of that audience. And that quality translates into consumption potential.

Without knowing your audience it is impossible, for example, to determine which language is the most appropriate to establish an efficient communication with your audience.

A formal language will hardly have acceptance with a very young audience, while colloquial terms and the use of jargons will not be well accepted by a more scholarly and formal audience.

In addition to the question of language, without knowing your audience thoroughly, it is not possible to measure what are the appropriate channels for that communication to materialize.

Through the correct determination of your buyer person it is possible to know if the sending of material is more productive through messages, email, direct, message or video application, text, gifs or other current means.

Faced with these doubts and demands, the Audience Insights Facebook tool is very efficient.

From publications, shared messages, check-ins and various other information collected by this tool it is possible to filter the profile of the ideal customer, who will probably have a real interest in your product or service.

What are the types of insights available?

The Audience Insights tool of Facebook offers information through three large groups:

  1. Insights of people,
  2. Advertising insights;
  3. Tools and resources

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Let’s see now each of the items listed:

1. Insights of people

In this group are the information about users and their behavior on social networks.

It is possible to find in this session statistical data about schedules, geographical locations, duration of access, what devices have been used, what applications and a series of other relevant data for the development of your buyer persona and marketing strategy.

Another characteristic of this resource is the comparison between specific periods, which correctly translates the change in trends of people over time.

As we know, the daily navigation of people changes constantly, as well as their habits and their day-to-day tasks. So, being able to measure these changes accurately makes all the difference.

2. Advertising insights

In this session, Audience Insights on Facebook deals with specific details in the form and content of advertising made in the digital medium.

He shows when and how to use videos, texts, images, gifs, how to get more expressive results, how to promote publications, how to measure the results of campaigns and a series of important tips on specific trends in the field of virtual advertising.

The word measurement appears constantly in this type of strategy, since the optimization of the resources invested in these dissemination actions is sought.

3. Tools and resources

Another element that makes Audience Insights of Facebook refers to the tools and resources, that is, the instruments that the platform offers for the implementation of these strategies.

In it we will find:

  • Insights from the public: a resource that helps you inspire you to campaign with data on two billion people who use Facebook.
  • Cross Border Insights Finder: a resource that allows you to compare insights from different countries, which allows for worldwide expansion.
  • Central de Creativos: where you can follow successful campaigns and also create ad models that can be tested beforehand.

In addition to these, other resources and tools are available, such as Facebook for companies, Instagram for companies and Facebook Blueprint, accessory for the creation of posts and campaigns.

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How to use Audience Insights on Facebook?

As we have seen so far, Audience Insights on Facebook is a complete tool, with innumerable resources available for the creation, measurement and analysis of successful campaigns.

To illustrate how to use Audience Insights from Facebook, we will focus on the use of public opinions and how it works.

To access Public Insights, you will see a web to select or public that you want to visualize. É possível escolher entre Todos no Facebook or Pessoas linked to your page :

By accessing the Insights tab of the public, you will see a screen to select the audience you want to see. You can choose between Everyone on Facebook or People connected to your page :

If you already have an expressive audience, it is not necessary to search the entire network. But if you still do not have an audience, select the second option to see Facebook trends.

Then you will have information of the most varied possible, such as:

  • Demographic data;
  • I like the page;
  • Place;
  • Activity;
  • Training;
  • Sex;
  • Civil status.

There is also a graphic with the main positions of the people who are on Facebook, which can help you when choosing a theme to create your online course, for example.

If you want to perform a more specific search, complete the fields located in the left corner of the tool to select an audience with the characteristics of the audience you want to reach.

Some important fields are:

  • Country;
  • Interests (especially if you already work in a niche);
  • Language;
  • Market segments.

With this information as a basis, you will be able to understand who the public is that you need to direct your marketing strategies or even define what type of product or service you should offer to sell more.

Start using Audience Insight from Facebook

Although a large part of the population maintains and uses a profile on Facebook on a daily basis, the number of people who see this social network as a real business opportunity is still restricted.

Many do not know well the resources and the tools of disclosure and, mainly, do not know the immense potential of disclosure that it offers.

As we have seen, the expressive numbers of users are not enough, we must know who is the public to whom your product or service is destined.

A publication carried out without a strategy will hardly achieve expressive results. Therefore, the initial step is to know well the audience you want to reach.

But, even in the face of this need, many doubts arise when it comes to accurately defining your audience that, in the digital market is known as buyer person.

The buyer person is the basis of any marketing strategy, since it is the starting point of all other definitions.

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