How to keep eyeliner from smudging

Every morning, many girls do not have much time to make up for themselves. From there, agents such as dirt, sweat, and moisture in the air, or oiling of the skin, make the eyelid dirt and smudging. To make eye makeup dirty and smudging is a terrible thing for the girls when they go out.

So there are a lot of brands that launch cosmetic products that are upgraded to waterproof features that still provide enough moisture. Here we will cover how to keep eyeliner from smudging throughout the day.

Use foundation cream

Many girls often skip this step because it does not matter, however, the cream will help you overcome the oil spill on the eyes. That is the main reason for eye makeup is often blurred.

Even if you do not brush your eyes, just eyelids, the discovery of a smudging black line on the eye is not strange. Especially for girls living in a hot and humid climate. So, choose a quality eyeliner to keep eyeliner from smudging and limit that condition.

Press the eyelid before the eyeliner

In normal makeup order, press the eyelashes and apply mascara as the final eye makeup. But press the eyelashes often causes your eyelid to fail. I advise you to change the makeup order for the eyes a little: press ahead, use the eyeliner after, so you don’t lose too much time on it, especially in the morning rush before work.

Spray layer to keep makeup

It seems like spraying water on your face will make your makeup more prone to blurring. But for typesetting spray, their use is the opposite: to help keep eyeliner from smudging and keep the eyeliner for hours. Of course, nothing is absolute; these products are only likely in a certain time, you still have to pay attention to his eyes often.

There are many cases where external factors affect the eyeliner, causing the eyeliner to become smudged or dirty. Always bring a cotton pad or a swab to save in emergency situations.

Eyebrows with mascara brushes

Before applying eyeliner, you should apply foundation makeup to below eyes. Adding a bit of eyeshadow will help to keep it longer and look better. You should choose natural color or tan colors such as brown or yellowish brown, such as Maybelline Diamond Eye Powder, L’Oreal Mat Magique...

Then, use a little brush to apply mascara on the edge of the eyelid. Because the mascara dries very quickly, you need to brush it twice or three times. If the thicker look mascara exposed to look very rough and not smooth, so you should put your hand before putting mascara on the eyes.

For girls with you eyelids uneven or sparse. Easily lead to the eyeliner is not uniform and thick, when makeup for eyes. At this point, you should use water eyeliner; it will make your eyelashes even more beautiful and not be sparse. This is the good choice when you want to keep eyeliner from smudging.

Eyeliner pencil is not blurred

Use an eyeliner like Kick It Side Fantastic Eyes Skin79, Etude Proof10 Auto Pencil, … start from the middle of the eye to the end of the eye and move the brush to the inside of the canthus. You shouldn’t have put eyeliner on the top or bottom of eyelids because it is easy to cause blurry when you open or close your eyes.

Next, use a small brush, or use a cotton swab if you do not have a brush. Spread the eyeliner pencil evenly at the end of the eye. By doing so will help the eyes look very natural without being blurry.

Makeup is one of the issues that most girls notice when they go out. The emergence of a problem of appearance for a girl seems to be a terrible thing. Especially problems with the face, such as keep eyeliner from smudging and blurring. Hope the information above we provide is suitable for you. People are looking for answers to the question of how to keep eyeliner from smudging.

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