Know more about the real estate market of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous for its natural spaces of unparalleled beauty. The symbols of this island to which Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, are numerous. Sun, beaches, fine sand, crystal clear lakes, palm trees. In conclusion, an idyllic environment much sought after by many international buyers. The luxury homes have been developed in different locations such as Las Terrenas, in the province of Samaná, which has the proximity of the international airport El Cateu.

Looking for a place to relax under the sun and a cocktail in your hands? To be pleasant and easy to return and always waiting for your own home? Going to retire or just looking for a nice corner for a break. And if at the same time with the house you will receive also a permanent residence permit with the possibility to quickly get a second passport? If interested, then pay attention to the Cabarete Villas and Resort Condos in Dominican Republic and its program of permanent residence for investment.

At once we pay attention to the following moment: Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) is not the same as Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica). The names of countries are consonant and they are both located in the Caribbean, but they are different states with different proposals.

Dominica offers one of the most attractive second-country citizenship programs for investment. In the Dominican Republic, a similar program existed before, but it was closed.

How quickly to get the status of official resident and citizen of the Dominican Republic

Why get permanent residence in the Dominican Republic

If you want to live by the sea, lie on white beaches under palm trees, like in the most romantic cinema, listen to the sea breeze and rustle of azure waves, bask in the sun, enjoy the year-round temperature of 25-30 degrees, then the Dominican Republic is your choice.

Almost all of North America and class representatives above the average come to Dominica to enjoy rest and weather. They are actively joined by Europeans, primarily the French and the British, despite the fact that Dominica is a Hispanic country.

The pleasant news is that the Dominican Republic does not require a visa, including for residents of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Up to 30 days with the possibility of prolongation you can rest under the transparent sky. Pay only for the tourist card at the entrance and exit from the country ($ 20-30 in total).

Not surprisingly, because of the weather and comfortable living conditions, newcomers fall in love with the country and want to come here more often. In this case, it becomes profitable to purchase in the Beachfront Villas in Dominican Republic.

Prices for new apartments start at a pleasant 75,000 dollars. Fresh construction of the house will cost from 170 000 dollars.

But if you think about it in advance, you can get a double benefit: to purchase real estate and become a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic.

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