Local Locksmith: Doors Are So Much More Than Just An Entryway For Your Home

Your doors are so much more than just the entrance or exit to your home. They make a style statement and set the stage for what will lie inside. An elegant or stylish front door provides an appealing sense of wonder. What lies behind that door? What will you see when you enter the home? You can’t always judge a home by the exterior, but if a property has a nice entryway then there’s a high chance that behind it you will find a lovely interior.

Making Your Home Look Stunning from Front to Back

  1. Traditional carved doors with antique handles

Traditional carved doors with antique handles

A teak solid wood door, with traditional carvings and an antique handle will provide an elegant look. This apartment door is flanked with carved flowers on one side, and a Ganesha on the other. This is a stunning and elegant appearance that is sure to impress every visitor. You may need a local locksmith for home so check out Popalock today.

  1. A Detailed, Ornate Foyer

Nothing screams polish and professionalism like a brilliant, clean and elegant space with a simple door that opens onto a more ornate foyer. The initial simplicity lets the carvings and details shine through, so that visitors will notice the lotus, the chandelier, and the rest of the details as they enter the property for the first time.

  1. Stunning Engraved Art

A beautiful engraved art panel will turn a simple wooden doorstep into an even more special space. The image of Ganesha is auspicious, and therefore appears frequently either as an idol, or on tiles at the entrance to a huge number of Indian homes. The stonewall cladding helps to provide warmth to the space, and it blends quite nicely into the adjoining wood.

  1. Making the Door 3D

Making the Door 3D

Renovate an existing door by cladding it with wooden panels that feature designs of your choice, creating three dimensional effects, and adding a fresh depth to the panels.

  1. Texturing

This simple but futuristic textured door has a lovely modern look.

  1. Doors on a Pivot

This 9-foot door leads from the foyer of the Juhu apartment into the Gallery and is a pivotal element to the design of the property.

  1. Modern Laser-Cuts

Laser-cutting technology offers the chance to create unusual patterns with ease. This simple teardrop design is truly beautiful and offers a nice privacy touch too.

  1. Re-purposed doors

Re-purposed doors

Repurposing something like a screen divider as a main door can be a creative and attractive idea. In this case, the wood is left unpolished, which adds even more to the charm of this ‘upcycling. If you are looking to get a new door fitted, then it makes sense to try to find the best possible prices and the best possible quality. Your entry door should give you a lot in terms of features – security, noise cancelling, privacy, sidelights so you can see outside, perhaps transoms to let some light in too. Pick something with a lasting appeal. There are some features that are well worth looking for, to ensure that you get the perfect balance of flexibility and features.

An Adjustable Threshold

To help keep your door weather-tight over time, look for adjustable thresholds and good weather sealing, this will protect you from drafts and rain.

Good Glass

Glass inserts are nice to have but can increase the cost of the door. Look for a door with glass sidelights, or perhaps even a nice fancy doorknob. Make sure that you have a deadbolt lock if you have glass near to the doorknob, so that a would-be intruder cannot just break the glass and reach inside to get access to the property. In some municipalities, you are not allowed double cylinder locks because they mean that it’s hard for a person to get out in an emergency. Even if they are allowed, make sure that you leave a key close to the interior lock, so that you can always get out. In addition, look for double or triple glazing to make sure the door still provides good insulation.

Rails and Stiles

The braces that run horizontally and vertically are rails and styles. Look for ones that are made from laminated wood with a veneer, because they are less likely to warp as the weather changes.

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