New Trends in Makeup this 2018

The makeup trends are renewed and change in each season, not only applies to the change of look and styles of cuts and hairstyles, but the make up in spring of 2018 will allow us to take the makeup to a “retro” stage , with a more vintage look.

Trends in make-up that come back to Fashion

Makeup is also subject to the changes that characterize fashion. Every now and then new trends emerge in terms of clothing, accessories and everything that this field implies. The colors that women apply on their faces also count. That is why in this era it seems that a reinvention of the decade of the 70s.

Eye makeup

As for eye makeup, eyeliners of different shades are popular, not only the traditional black, as well as shadows that emerge from the rigid of a single color. Now there is more freedom to play with the diverse. Metallic shadows that were widely used in the era of glam, marked by a colorful David Bowie are opened. The blue eyeliner is the most recommended, because it is compatible with all the colors of the iris, from brown to black.

In the market there are countless products that women can choose to incorporate into their makeup. Prices also vary depending on the brand.

A more natural base

It has always been said that the foundation of makeup is essential to show a smooth and compact face. Well, in this season the translucent types open up, so not all imperfections will be covered, but they will give a natural touch. The blush or blush that will prevail will be the pink that gives light to the cheekbones. It should be applied between the arch of the eyebrow and the bridge of the nose. Provides a healthy appearance, as long as you know how to apply. This thanks to the natural makeup that has been imposed in this season.

Redder lips

And as for the lips, red imposes itself without doubt on the nude or clear tones that were present last year. They should be bright, although mate also says present in the preferences. It is important that if it is daytime, red is applied with soft shadows. And in case it’s a night out, you can give more strength to the dark shadow.

The trend is not required

When it comes to fashion it is worth trying anything, what makes us feel good. Trends only serve to guide us. But it is worth experimenting without any doubt. It is important to practice at home in front of the mirror before applying a makeup that later does not favor us. If possible, you can count on the help of an expert in the field to guide you when trying out tones.

These trends in makeup that are fashionable in 2018 are a trend, and as such, should not imply an imposition over your tastes, since it depends on the person what are the tones and colors in the makeup that benefit you most, and you should respect it.


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