Organize a celebration for Mother’s Day in the office

Mother’s Day is approaching, a date on which we turn our eyes, towards the being who gave us life and to whom we owe everything we are. And surely in your office there are many mothers who deserve to be recognized and entertained. And what better than a very original celebration for it.

There is a saying that says “there is only one mother” and that is what should sum up a celebration to mothers in their day, for that reason, if we think about entertaining the moms who work with us and who share the day to day with our On the other hand, we must prepare something really surprising.

Here we have just some tips that you can take into account for it:

The decoration

Plan your decoration so that when they arrive at the office, they will be pleasantly surprised. Balloons, streamers, flowers and cards are suitable for the desk. For example, with the streamers you can decorate the outline of your PC monitor to cheer it up while placing a card with the signatures of all the co-workers on the side. That’s what my co-workers and I did last Mother’s Day in the Office.

mothers day decoration

A beautiful floral arrangement, with flowers of different colors and shapes, or the typical bouquet of red roses in a basket or glass vase next to a cup full of chocolates, candies or chocolates, will look super warm as well.

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Also decorate the office in general with balloons, either gas, which will fly towards the ceiling (you can decorate them with streamers and just leave them stuck there), or decorate the desks with them; There are other balloons that are elongated and to which you can give various forms, you can use these too and give free rein to your imagination.

mothers day baloons

The banners with a “Happy Mother’s Day (s) would look great, so that when the moms arrive they will be surprised immediately.

The entertainment

Coordinate with your coworkers what kind of entertainment can be done. It could be a nice breakfast with fruits, sandwiches or cakes, a special lunch inside the office (you order a meal that you like). The boss will be the one who presides over the toast with a few words of gratitude that the other workers can complement by telling an anecdote or joking elf that animates the meeting.

mothers day gift

That same day, the boss can determine that the moms take the rest of the day off , for example, giving them a session of manicure and pedicure, massage, sauna, or a voucher for consumption in a restaurant, sweetshop, country club , walk, etc., to spend your day with your partner or with your whole family. You can coordinate this previously and give it to everyone or as part of the company.

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