Persistent Tooth Pain after a Filling: Why It Happens?

Once in a while after going for a dental filling one can experience pain after the placement. There can be a few reasons for the dental ache. A persistent pain after having a dental filling can indicate a number of complications.

It is true that a mild sensitivity after filling is quite normal but if you experience an intense pain for a prolonged period of time you must visit the dentist for examination of the possible causes. These may include the following –

Fillings Not Shaped or Smoothed Properly

If the edges of the dental filling are not properly shaped or purely smoothed the adjacent gums or teeth can become more irritated and cause a tooth pain post the filling.  This kind of problem usually occurs in the inter-proximal area between the filling and adjacent tooth. A filling that is too large and that is coming in contact and pressing the tooth beside it will cause a toothache. Not only that, it also increases the risk of additional carries in both of the teeth as the area will be difficult to clean.  The sharp edges of the filling material that are not polished in the right way especially at the area of the gum margin where the gumline and the crown meets can lead to gum irritation and severe discomfort.
Fillings Not Shaped or Smoothed Properly

Dental Filling’s Bonding Failure

When the tooth surface where the filling has to be added becomes contaminated with water or saliva or is not etched in the right way and dried properly, there is an increased chance of bonding failure. In this case, the filling will not be bonded to the tissue of the tooth. A toothache can be caused by even a hair-like gap in between them that can allow the external stimulations to reach the pulp. Apart from the toothache, a failure in the bonding can enhance the risk of tooth decay and if the gap is deep it can provide a gate for the bacteria to enter the pulp as a result of which it can get infected. The symptoms of cracked tooth are similar to that of bonding failure.
Dental Filling’s Bonding FailureThis type of tooth pain is more prone in case of the composite-coloured fillings that call for a more complicated method for their placement than the silver amalgam counterparts.

Galvanism Effect

Oral galvanism happens to be a condition when the two different metals in the mouth like the new amalgam feeling and existing silver crown come in contact with each other and causes an electric charge. This causes a tooth pain similar to that of the sensitive teeth. Under such circumstances, usually this sensitivity reduces after a few days. But if it continues then restorations have to be replaced with another material.
Galvanism Effect

Incorrect Bite

This one is a common cause of tooth pain after going for a dental filling or implant. But is can be corrected very easily. This occurs when one or more of the cusps are not shaped in the proper manner or the filling is made higher than the original tooth. In this case, when you bite down the biting force is not exercised in the right way among all the teeth. Most of the stress is exercised on the filled tooth or one of the cusps. The excessive force causes tooth pain at the time of chewing.

The dentist may shape carefully the upper biting of the restored tooth so that it comes in the perfect contact with the other jaw’s opposite tooth. This will avoid having the problems of malocclusion that can cause toothache after the filling.

Post Root Canal Pain

If the filling is used to restore the tooth post a root canal therapy, it is more likely to experience a toothache after filling. In most cases, however, this tooth pain is caused by the irritation of the periodontal tissues that occurs around the tooth root apex and will subside in a few weeks. But a persistent pain after a treatment indicates a root canal failure.  Post root canal pain usually appears as a referred pain coming from a tooth that lies beside the treated tooth.
Post Root Canal PainThe above are some of the major reasons why you may experience toothache after going for a dental implant. Usually the experienced dentist who installs the dental fillings or dental implants in Delhi ensures that no such circumstance crops up but even if it does you should not delay and see your doctor immediately for the right treatment and fast recovery.

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